Sell Tickets Online in Australia

Free online ticketing system, donation collection, and AUD payment with RSVP

Our Online Payment And RSVP Tools are Infinitely Customizable and Powerfully Simple.

Sell tickets to multiple sub-events in one intuitive RSVP and ticket purchase flow.

Multi-Part Event Ticket Capable

Sell tickets online to events and sub-events in one seamless flow.

Allow guests to select from various ticket options at varying price points via RSVPify's free online ticketing system.

Ticket Add-On Options

Allow guests to purchase ticket variations, such as VIP Access or a bottle of wine.

Collect cash donations or gifts seamlessly within your event's RSVP or ticket selling process.

Collect Donations & Gifts

Optionally collect donations from guests instead of or in addition to their tickets.

Ticketing System Event Demos

Gala / banquet ticketing system demo

Gala / Banquet

Sell tickets online for a show or performance

Show / Performance

Online ticketing and payments for school and family reunions


Online ticketing system for multi-part events like a workshop series

Workshop Series

Finally, An Online Ticketing System In Australia that's Completely Free to Setup and Use. Low, Transparent, Pay-As-You Go Pricing.

It's free to setup your ticketed event in RSVPify. Our online ticketing system offers instant, customizable setup.

$0 Setup

Setup your event instantly. No hidden costs. Period.

All of RSVPify powerful guest list, event management, guest check-in and RSVP tracking features are free and integrated in our ticketing software.

Free RSVPify

ALL of RSVPify’s premium event management features are 100% free.

Online ticketing system in Australia pricing and fees

Low Per-ticket Pricing

We charge a small service fee of 1.95% + 1.20 AUD per ticket + standard credit card processing fees.

The Spotlight Is On Your Brand

It's free to create a fully-customizable online ticketing experience for your event. Customize everything your guests see when buying a ticket.

RSVPify offers a seamless, fully-brandable online ticketing and event RSVP experience

The other guys in Australia want to sell their brand and tickets to other events. RSVPify is different.

Customize virtually every element of the online ticketing and RSVP process, right down to the email ticket confirmation message guests receive.

It’s not your job to sell tickets for other events. Keep the spotlight on your event and brand.

The power of the RSVPify platform. 100% free.

All of RSVPify’s premium features are available free to ticketed events of any size

When you sell tickets online with RSVPify in Australia, you get free access to the features and tools that help our 350,000+ users simplify event planning

Seating Chart Maker
Invitations & Email Blasts
Secondary Events
Integrated Custom Questions
Meal and Menu Options
RSVP Security for Private Events
Data Dashboards
Easy Data Exports
Guest Age Verification

RSVPify offers desktop and mobile ticketing and event management systems.

Easy Guest Check-in

With RSVPify's guest check-in system, it's east to check in guests as they arrive at your event. Check in with a QR code or confirmation number from any device.

Check in guests using any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

No need for fancy equipment or dedicated ticket scanners. You can check guests in (and out!) on the day(s) of your event with any internet-connected device.

Check-in guests with a mobile QR code and an Android or iOS-device with camera. Or check-in by guest name or confirmation code.

Hosting multi-part events? No problem! Check-in works for sub-events, too. Powerfully simple multi-event ticketing and check-in included.

Learn More about Event Check-in

Guides to Help Sell Tickets Online In Australia

How do I sell tickets for a secondary event or event add-on?

Want to sell raffle tickets, food or other event add-ons? Here's how!

Read More

Why should I choose RSVPify to sell tickets online in Australia?

RSVPify is much more than a ticketing system! It's a full-service event management platform.

Read More

What is Stripe? Why do I need a Stripe account?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that processes credit card charges on your behalf.

Read More

Is it free to sell tickets with RSVPify?

It's free to setup and use all of RSVPify's features! RSVPify charges a low per-ticket-sold fee.

Read More

How do I submit a 'test' ticket purchase?

While in TEST MODE, you will be able to fully test and preview your RSVP and event payment experience.

Read More

I'm not a business. How do I create a Stripe account to sell tickets?

Stripe is easy to setup and use for personal or non-profit ticketed events.

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RSVPify Versus The Other Guys

The Other Guys
Event Setup Free + Instant $25 to $500
or more
Credit Card Fees 1.75%
+ .30 AUD per transaction
+ 30¢ per transaction
Service Fees 1.95%
+ ~1.20 AUD per ticket
+ $1 per ticket
Event & Guest List Management Features Power of RSVPify Platinum FREE Limited
Customization Flexible & Powerful Limited
Spotlight On Your Event and Brand Their Brand & Other Events
Revenue Payouts Payouts Daily with Stripe Payout After Your event
Guest Check-in Included Free Paid Add-on
Secondary (Sub) Event Management Included Free Not Available

Ticket System FAQs

Is it free to sell tickets with RSVPify?

It’s free to setup your event and use all of RSVPify’s premium features! RSVPify charges a low per-ticket-sold fee, in addition to standard credit card processing fees.

For ticketed events, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Platinum plan for your ticketed event(s) completely free, with an unlimited guest list size.

Learn More

What is RSVPify Platinum? Do I get a free upgrade to Platinum when selling tickets online?

RSVPify Platinum is our highest-tier plan made for enterprise. It includes all of our premium features to help make event planning easy.

For ticketed events, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Platinum plan ($119/month for non-ticketed events) for your ticketed event(s) completely free, with an unlimited guest list size.

Can I set ticket tiers with limited availability for select options?

Yes, absolutely. You can create an unlimited number of available ticket tiers. For example, you can limit the number of available VIP tickets, or cap the number of tickets sold for a given section of your event’s venue.

Can I allow guests to purchase event add-ons like t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc.?

It’s easy to sell multiple ticket options including add-ons for your event. Want to sell your event’s official t-shirt and let guests pre-select their size? No problem.

Does RSVPify offer non-profit event or high-volume ticketing system discounts?

RSVPify considers fee discounts on a case-by-case basis. If you’re a high-volume event planning organization, company or non-profit, please reach out to discuss how RSVPify can streamline your ticketing operations.

Do I need a Stripe account to sell tickets online with RSVPify?

Stripe is a powerful, international online payment processing platform that processes credit card charges on your behalf. RSVPify is integrated with Stripe to allow your guests to quickly and seamlessly pay for event tickets and donations with any major credit card.

A free Stripe account is required to sell tickets with RSVPify.

Learn More

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