QR Codes for Paper Invitations

Add QR Codes to Paper Invitations and Streamline the RSVP Process

Sending paper invitations for an upcoming event and collecting online RSVPs? Adding a QR code provides guests with a streamlined & enhanced experience.

Make the online RSVP process all the easier (and even fun!) by adding QR codes to your Paper invitations. RSVPify provides hosts with a custom downloadable QR Code which automatically directs guests to your event’s URL.

  • No more guest errors in typing event URLs
  • Elegant, 21st century means of collecting RSVPs
  • Delight your guests with a new, seamless RSVP experience powered by technology

Available for a one-time $20-per-event fee. Unlimited scans! Click here for next steps.

Online RSVP with seamless unbranded video integration