Best Way To Sell Tickets Online For Your Charity Event or Fundraiser

What is the Best Way To Sell Tickets Online For A Charity Event or Fundraiser?

A key element for nonprofits and charities when managing events is the ability to efficiently collect donations and payments for your institution. While traditional fundraisers have existed for decades, online event ticketing platforms offer new streamlined processes to maximize your contributions and donations. Often, nonprofit operators are interested in the best way to sell tickets online for their event.  With this in mind, we’ve collected a trio of tips to ensure you find the best way to sell tickets online for your event.

Best Way to Sell Tickets online for charities and fundraisers - consider the different features of any online ticketing platform or method to collect payments - stand out by using a customized guest experience - offer the ability for in person purchases - RSVPify Infographic

Tip #1: Key Questions For Identifying the Best Way to Sell Tickets Online

Consider the different features of any online ticketing platform or method to collect event payments. Some important variables when comparing them:

  • Does the event payment platform allow for instant withdrawals, or will you have to wait for your funds until after the event?
  • What are the payment processing fees that will eat into your total event revenue?
  • Does the event management system track payment and personal information?
  • What options for donations are available to collect event payments?

While you are weighing the features of different event payment platforms, make sure you know the answer to each of these questions. In the case of charity events or fundraisers, finding an event payment system that maximizes your revenue is even more critical than for-profit and corporate event planners.

Tip #2: Customization Options

While there are a number of options to sell tickets online, not all are built the same. There are minimalist options that simply provide payment processing, much like Stripe or PayPal. However, others offer the ability to design dynamic and creative pages and messaging. With a variety of nonprofits competing for funding, helping your’s stand out is key. These are some especially important areas of features to consider for your event:

  • Ability to design a custom landing page to direct event attendees
  • Can you customize messaging and wording for more effective appeals and calls-to-action?
  • Potential to embed online ticketing platforms into your organization website
  • White label options to feature organization branding over the payment processor branding

Tip #3: Collecting Payments at the Event Itself

While online event ticketing offers these great options, some nonprofits or charities may prefer to also collect payments at the event itself. This is the last major variable to consider when choosing the best way to sell tickets online to your event. Does your chosen online ticketing platform allow for tracking in-person contributions? Can you integrate hard payments with your tracking data? For accounting and reimbursement needs, this may be key. When comparing event ticketing platforms, make sure to check feature sets to see if this is an option.




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