Zapier Integration

Automate your workflow and connect RSVPify with thousands of other apps.


Streamline Workflows with Ease

Sync your RSVPify event data real-time with other tools you are already using. Save time by automating tasks and streamlining workflows. 

What triggers, actions, and searches are available?


Guest Checked-In or Guest Checked-Out

Tag Added To or Removed From Guest

Tag Added To or Removed From An Invitee

New Invitee Added

New Registration Received


Add Attendee

Add Note to Registration or Invitee Group

Mark Guest Checked-In or Out

Mark Invitee Attending or Not Attending

Add/Remove Tag on Invitee or Guest

Search: Find Guest or Invitee

Some examples of tasks you can automate

When a guest registers for your event on RSVPify, add a contact in Salesforce

When a guest checks in at your event, add them to a spreadsheet on Google Sheets

Send my team an email or SMS when a guest tagged as a 'VIP' checks in at my event

Add a new appointment scheduled in RSVPify to my Google Calendar

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Ready to get started?

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