Virtual Event Invitations, Registration, Ticket Sales & Management Platform

Sell tickets online for upcoming webinars

A Customizable & Branded Virtual Event Experience

Direct attendees to a branded virtual event website and registration. Offer multiple virtual events or sessions to choose from. Collect any important information you need up front. 

Online ticketing for any event

Collect Payments or Sell Tickets For A Virtual Event

Attendees visit your customized page and select the ticket or virtual session that they would like to attend. Or, collect free registrations for your virtual event. 

Send email invitations and reminders easily

Virtual Event Email Invitations, Reminders, and Confirmation Emails

Communicating with your guests is easy with RSVPify’s built-in tools. Automate your email reminders and customize confirmation emails to include all of the important virtual event details.

The power of the RSVPify platform.

Everything You Need In One Place

Plus, all of RSVPify’s premium features are available free to ticketed events of any size

Use RSVPify's virtual event registration software with any virtual event platform or streaming service

Use RSVPify with ANY virtual event platform or streaming service.

Use your favorite tool to host your online event. Share the conference link and details through RSVPify. Optionally only give the conference details only to paid and permitted guests.

Embed Your Registration

Embed your registration form on another website. We make it easy.

Secure, Ad-Free, & Private

RSVPify doesn't advertise to guests or share your information.

Loved By Guests

Effortless event registration with built-in calendar reminders and email confirmations.

Data Import/Export

Easily import and export guest lists and registration data. Export filtered reports.

Calendar Invitations

Send automated registration confirmation emails with calendar invitation.

Easy to Share

Invite guests to register by email, or include your RSVPify event link anywhere.

The Spotlight Is On Your Brand

RSVPify offers a seamless, fully-brandable online ticketing, payment, and virtual event registration experience


The other guys want to sell their own brand and tickets to other events. RSVPify is different.


Sell event tickets online and customize virtually every element of the online ticketing and RSVP process, right down to the ticket guests receive by email.


Don’t let guests get distracted by other events selling tickets. Keep the spotlight on your event and brand.

Sell tickets online while keeping the focus on your brand

Guides to Help Set Up Your Virtual Event

Hosting an Online Event with Zoom (or your favorite service)

This guide walks through everything you need to know about using RSVPify 3 + Zoom for your virtual event!

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What is Stripe? Why do I need a Stripe account?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that processes credit card charges on your behalf.

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How do I submit a 'test' ticket purchase?

Want to test out how your guests will purchase tickets? This guide shows you how to test your event website.

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Why should I choose RSVPify to collect online payments online?

RSVPify is much more than a ticketing system! It's a full-service event management platform.

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Is it free to sell tickets with RSVPify?

It's free to setup and use all of RSVPify's features! RSVPify charges a low per-ticket-sold fee.

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I'm not a business. How do I create a Stripe account to collect event payments online?

Stripe is easy to setup and use for any event type, including personal or non-profit ticketed events.

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