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RSVPify manages registration for events so you don't have to. Create an event website, send digital invitations and collect online registrations with ease. Save hours of event management hassle and headache.

Powering millions of event registrations for corporations, non-profits, churches, clubs, and event planners around the globe

An online event registration form displayed on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Register for a company holiday party with custom data fields and credit card checkout when purchasing tickets.

RSVPify offers a seamless, fully-brandable event registration experience

The spotlight is on your brand; not on ours. 

Customize virtually every element of the online registration process, right down to the email ticket confirmation message guests receive.

RSVPify offers powerful, secure and easy registration for events.

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A powerful feature suite to power your online event registration and beyond.

RSVPify's innovative tools take the guess work out of event planning, registration and ticketing.

Capterra Top 20 for Event Management Feb-20

Our customers ranked RSVPify #4 in Best Event Management Platforms of 2020 according to Capterra, the leading software review platform.

Top 20 constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Capterra or its affiliates.

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With RSVPify's guest check-in system, it's easy to check in registered guests as they arrive at your event. Check in with a QR code or confirmation number from any device. One resgistation for all events.

Check in guests using any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

No need for fancy equipment or dedicated ticket scanners. You can check guests in (and out!) on the day(s) of your event with any internet-connected device.

Check-in guests with a mobile QR code and an Android or iOS-device with camera. Or check-in by guest name or confirmation code.

Hosting multi-part events? No problem! Check-in works for sub-events, too. Powerfully simple multi-event registration app and check-in included.

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Effortless event registration with built-in calendar reminders and email confirmations.
Make your event's registration process seamlessly match your brand and event.
Invite guests to register by email, or include your RSVPify event link anywhere.
Embed your registration form on another website. We make it easy.
Easily import and export guest lists and registration data in multiple formats.
Send automated registration confirmation emails with calendar invitation. Send email reminders to registered guests.
Keep your events professional and your data private. RSVPify doesn't advertise to guests or share your information.

How Event Registration Works

Can I collect custom data within my event's online registration form?

Yes, absolutely. With RSVPify, you can include custom questions to guests directly within your event's registration form. Choose to ask custom questions in a variety of formats, and ask questions to each guest or just once per group registration.

Can I see a summary of who registered for my event and what those guest's preferences are?

RSVPify makes it easy to track registrations for events and attendee preferences with a comprehensive dashboard that lets event hosts view high-level data summaries and click in to view the details of a specific guest registration.

How do I invite attendees to register for my event?

You can invite attendees using RSVPify's integrated email invitations or choose to invite guests to access your event registration site in any other way:

  • External email
  • Paper invitations
  • Social media
  • SMS / text message
  • Billboards

Just provide invitees your RSVPify URL (i.e. your Guests will visit your event's URL to complete their registration.

Can I collect payments for events within the registration process?

RSVPify's event registration app and software offers integration with online payment processors to make accepting payment easy within a seamless registration and check-out experience. Sell tickets and charge guest registrations to any major credit card.

Where can I read reviews of RSVPify's event registration platform?

You can find verified, independent customer reviews of RSVPify's platform and registration features on Capterra and TrustSpot.

Can guests register for private events with exclusive guest lists?

RSVPify is the market leading event registration platform for private, invite-only events. Setup an exclusive guest list to limit who can register for your event, and choose to allow select invitees to bring additional guests.

Is my guest's secure? Will you market to my event's guests?

RSVPify will never sell, distribute or otherwise share guest email addresses. We won't market to your guests.

RSVPify employs a series of technical and procedural tools and processes to protect our systems and data (servers, databases, etc). We regularly monitor and review these measures and related reports to ensure a safe and secure environment for our users and their guests.

We encrypt all web traffic across the RSVPify application using enterprise and military grade AES-256 encryption.

RSVPify makes registration for events safe, secure and easy.

I have an existing website. Can I integrate my registration form?

Processing registration for events through your own website is easy. You can embed an event registration form directly in most any 3rd-party website. You can also link directly to your RSVPify event website from any other website for a seamless, on-brand experience.

Can I customize my registration form to match my event and brand?

The RSVPify app offers one of the most highly-customizable event registration experiences on the market. Customize colors, styles, formats, CSS and form flow to perfectly match your organization's brand.