A powerful and awesomely customizable platform for selling tickets online for your event.

Online ticketing for any event

Multi-Part Event Payment Capable

Sell tickets online to events and sub-events in one seamless flow.

Collect payments with Stripe

Ticket Add-On Options

Allow guests to purchase ticket variations, such as VIP Access or a bottle of wine.

Collect donations or contributions as well

Collect Donations & Gifts

Optionally collect donations from guests instead of or in addition to their tickets.

Receive Your Funds In 48 Hours

No waiting until after your event to receive event proceeds. With Stripe, your online ticketing funds are typically transferred within 48 business hours directly into your bank account.

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The Spotlight Is On Your Brand

RSVPify offers a seamless, fully-brandable online ticketing, payment, and event registration experience


The other guys want to sell their own brand and tickets to other events. RSVPify is different.


Sell event tickets online and customize virtually every element of the online ticketing and RSVP process, right down to the ticket guests receive by email.


Don’t let guests get distracted by other events selling tickets. Keep the spotlight on¬†your¬†event and brand.

Sell tickets online while keeping the focus on your brand

The power of the RSVPify platform.

100% free.

All of RSVPify’s premium features are available free to ticketed events of any size


When you sell tickets online with RSVPify, you get free access to the features and tools that help our 350,000+ users simplify event planning

Easy Event Guest Check-in

Check in guests using any laptop, tablet or mobile device.


No need for fancy equipment or dedicated ticket scanners. You can check guests in (and out!) on the day(s) of your event with any internet-connected device.

Check-in guests with a mobile QR code and an Android or iOS-device with camera. Or check-in by guest name or confirmation code.

Hosting multi-part events? No problem! Check-in works for sub-events, too. Powerfully simple multi-event ticketing and check-in included.

Event check-in app with QR codes

Finally, An Online Ticketing System that's Completely Free to Setup and Use.

Online Ticket Selling in the UK With Low, Transparent, Pay-As-You Go Pricing.

$0 Setup

Setup your event instantly. No hidden costs. Period.

Free RSVPify

ALL of RSVPify’s premium event management features are 100% free to events collecting payments online with RSVPify.

Low Per-ticket Pricing

We charge a small service fee of¬†1.95% + 90¬Ę¬†per ticket + standard credit card processing fees.¬†

RSVPify Versus The Other Guys

Event Setup: Free + Instant
Credit Card Fees: 2.9% + 30¬Ę per transaction
Service Fees: 1.95% + 90¬Ę per ticket
Event & Guest List Management Features: Power of RSVPify Professional FREE
Customization: Flexible & Powerful
Spotlight On: Your Event and Brand
Revenue Payouts: Payouts Daily with Stripe
Guest Check-in: Included Free
Secondary (Sub) Event Management: Included Free
The Other Guys
Event Setup: $25 to $500 or more
Credit Card Fees: 5% + 30¬Ę per transaction
Service Fees: 5% + $1 per ticket
Event & Guest List Management Features: Limited
Customization: Limited
Spotlight On: Their Brand & Other Events
Revenue Payouts: Payout After Your event
Guest Check-in: Paid Add-on
Secondary (Sub) Event Management: Not Available

Online Ticketing In the UK Is Currently Available (Along With 34 Other Countries)

Must have a bank account in one of the supported countries.

Accept payments from any country.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

Online Event Ticketing System FAQs & Resources

It’s 100% free to setup your event and use all of RSVPify’s premium features when you’re selling tickets online!

RSVPify charges an industry-low low per-ticket-sold fee (1.95% + .$90 per ticket). Credit card fees are separate and will apply and vary by country.

Choose to pass all fees along to your guests, and pay nothing. You keep 100% of your event’s revenue.

For ticketed events, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Professional-tier plan for your ticketed event(s) completely free, with an unlimited guest list size. Host multiple ticketed events free with unlimited use.

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RSVPify Professional is our highest-tier plan retail plan. It includes all of our premium features to help manage events with ease through online portal.

When selling tickets for an event, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Professional plan ($409/month for non-ticketed events) for your ticketed event(s) completely free, with an unlimited guest list size and access to all of RSVPify’s powerful event management¬†features.

Online ticketing refers to a suite of tools, features, and integrations that allows users to sell tickets online for an event or service, while collecting registration details from event attendees or customers.

Looking for how to sell tickets for an event that you’re hosting or managing? An event ticketing website is the way to go.

So, what should you consider when selecting the best event ticketing software for your event…? There are several core components of an online ticketing system or software, including:

Ticketing Software Features

At its core, an event ticketing system or e-ticket system should offer event hosts the ability to sell a variety of different ticket types and add-ons through a seamless guest registration experience. When selling tickets online, it’s important to confirm the software offers:

  • Event registration customization:¬†Customize the form and¬†registration experience, including asking custom questions to guests to collect additional data.
  • Multi-tier ticket management:¬†Sell various types and levels of tickets and different prices.
  • Sell add-ons:¬†In addition to selling tickets, are you selling any additional items or services (e.g. networking event, t-shirt, raffle tickets, spa pass, etc.).
  • Fee pass-through:¬†The ability to pass along all associated fees to directly to the customer, allowing you to retain 100% of the ticket sale revenue.
  • Capacity limits:¬†Disable a given ticket tier or add-on when sold out.
  • Donations:¬†Optionally, collect additional donations with ticket orders.
  • Tax & fee support:¬†Add additional fees or charge tax to ticket purchases.

Online Payment Processor Integration

When selling tickets to an event and selecting a ticketing software or website, it’s important to consider which payment processor(s) the platform integrates with.

  • Competitive fee structure: All credit card processing platforms charge a flat fee + a percent-based fee based on the total amount charged. In the United Kingdom, Stripe charges a competitive 20p flat fee + 1.4% per charge for European cards, 2.9% for non-European cards.
  • Payout timing:¬†Many online ticketing websites make you wait to receive your event’s ticket sale revenue until after your event. Through its integration with Stripe, RSVPify offers payments for all pending funds within ~48 business hours of payment.
  • Platform features & reporting:¬†Does the payment processing system offer additional features like fraud detection, integrated financial reporting and dashboards, and subscription management tools?

Event Management Features

In addition to the relatively straightforward requirements of an online ticketing system, it’s import to consider what event management-centric features a platform offers (in addition to those features focused on ticket selling).

RSVPify offers a host of event management app features from the ability to setup invite-only events, to sending email invitations, and checking in guests as they arrive at your event.

It’s easy to sell multiple ticket options including add-ons for your event. Want to sell your event’s official t-shirt and let guests pre-select their size? No problem.

RSVPify considers fee discounts on a case-by-case basis. If you’re a high-volume event planning organization, company or non-profit, please¬†reach out¬†to discuss how RSVPify can streamline your online ticketing operations.

Looking for an online ticketing and event management platform for your non-profit organization? Apply for our NPO discount here!

Event payment processing and credit card fees are separate from RSVPify’s fees. You may be eligible for¬†discounted payment processing fees¬†for non-profits through Stripe.

Stripe is a powerful, international online payment processing platform and software that processes online ticketing credit card charges for your event(s).

RSVPify is integrated with Stripe to allow your guests to quickly and seamlessly pay for event tickets and donations online with any major credit card.

A free Stripe account is required to sell tickets with RSVPify. Stripe fees apply per-transaction.

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Yes, absolutely. You can create an unlimited number of available ticket tiers. For example, you can limit the number of available VIP tickets, or cap the number of tickets sold for a given section of your event’s venue.

When selecting an online ticketing system, it’s important to consider the fees that the platform charges as well as credit card payment processing fees.


  • Ticketing Platform Fees: Fees charged by the ticketing system for its services and features‚Ķto help them keep the lights on! At 1.95% and $.90 USD per ticket sold, RSVPify offers some of the lowest fees of any online ticketing platform on the market.
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: In order to sell tickets online, you will need a payment processing gateway that allows ticket purchasers to pay for their tickets online with any major credit card. RSVPify is partnered with leading global payment platform called¬†Stripe, allowing you to accept payments using any major credit card from 35+ countries.

Guides to Help Sell Tickets & Collect Event Payments Online

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RSVPify is much more than a ticketing system! It's a full-service event management platform.

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Is it free to sell tickets with RSVPify?

It's free to setup and use all of RSVPify's features! RSVPify charges a low per-ticket-sold fee.

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I'm not a business. How do I create a Stripe account to collect event payments online?

Stripe is easy to setup and use for any event type, including personal or non-profit ticketed events.

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