RSVPify for churches and church eventa

Online Event Registration Made Easy For Churches

RSVPify manages the event registration process so you don't have to. Save your church organization hours of event management hassle and headache.

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An end-to-end event registration platform specifically designed to meet the unique needs of churches.

Get The Information You Need

Whether you need dietary requirements for a gala or t-shirt sizes from your volunteers, you can create custom questions to gather the details that are important to you.

Discounted Rates

We understand every dollar is important for your organization. We offer our features at discounted rates for our nonprofit customers.
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Increase Attendance + Donations

All the tools you need to ensure max attendance. Encourage optional donations on your free or ticketed event and see extra money roll in for your church.

Event Registration Software for Churches

Perfect for all the different events your church hosts.

with industry leading ticketing fees

Ticketed events receive a free upgrade to Platinum for Enterprise.
Choose to pass all fees along, and sell tickets completely free.

nonprofit discounts available

All of our RSVPify's enterprise-grade event management features are free to try. Upgrade with no annual commitment required.

Capterra Top 20 for Event Management Feb-20

Our customers ranked RSVPify #4 in Best Event Management Platforms of 2020 according to Capterra, the leading software review platform.

Top 20 constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Capterra or its affiliates.

A Powerful feature-suite, tailored to solve unique needs of church and ministry organizations

RSVPify's innovative tools take the guess work out of event planning and registration.

With RSVPify's guest check-in system, it's easy to check in registered guests as they arrive at your event. Check in with a QR code or confirmation number from any device. One resgistation for all events.

Check in guests using any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

No need for fancy equipment or dedicated ticket scanners. You can check guests in (and out!) on the day(s) of your church's event with any internet-connected device.

Check-in guests with a mobile QR code and an Android or iOS-device with camera. Or check-in by guest name or confirmation code.

Hosting multi-part events? No problem! Check-in works for sub-events, too. Powerfully simple multi-event registration and check-in included.

Church & Christian Ministry Demo Events

Keep your organization's mission in the spotlight with a customizable and branded event registration experience.

Try RSVPify Free

Get started by creating your free event with RSVPify.
Event registration available to anyone with your link or to an exclusive guest list only.
Make your event's registration process seamlessly match your brand and event.
Easily import and export guest lists and registration data in multiple formats.
Process payment and registration, or accept registrations for free events.
Invite guests to register by email, or include your RSVPify event link anywhere.
Send automated registration confirmation emails with calendar invitation. Send email reminders to registered guests.
Give event attendees a chance to make a donation during their registration experience.
Embed your registration form on another website. We make it easy.
Keep your events professional and your data private. RSVPify doesn't advertise to guests or share your information.

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