Appointment Scheduling Software

A powerful scheduling app. Create an appointment calendar, customize availability and limits, and communicate with attendees easily

Easy to Create

Create all your time slots in just a few clicks. Schedule weeks or months out in advance.

Automated Calendar Invites

Send guests an automated confirmation with a calendar invite for their selected time slot.

Automatic Reminders

Send automatic email reminders based on the attendee’s selected time slot. 

Advanced Appointment Scheduling

Add custom capacity limits so you don’t overbook for a given time slot. Whether it is 1 or 100, you have full control.

Customize how close to an available time slot attendees can book, or how far in advance. 

Dashboard Overview

View All Your Appointment Information Easily

Check the status of your daily appointments and see who is coming when. Export your appointment data to a spreadsheet.

Try Appointment Scheduling

Sell tickets for ongoing appointments. Offer multiple ticket tiers and manage tour capacities.

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Collect everything you need from payments to custom data to manage and plan church retreats.

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Appointment Scheduling Guides & How To's

What are recurring time slots?

Managing repeating dates, appointments, or time slots with RSVPify

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How do I set up recurring time slots?

How to create and manage recurring time slots and capacity limits.

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