Contactless Check-in

Allow guests to easily check themselves in using check-in kiosk mode
iPad displaying contactless event check-in app and check-in confirmation notification

Customize Your Kiosk

Your self check-in screen may be your guest’s first impression of your event. Customize it with your logo and creative.

Lock Your Device

Add a password so attendees can’t exit the check-in screen on their own. 

Detailed Reporting

Export detailed reports of who checked in, at what time, and at which kiosk. 

Use contactless check-in standalone, or with other RSVPify features.

Upload your existing attendee list or have guests register through your RSVPify form. 

Assign seats to your uploaded or registered guests. Optionally display seating assignments when they check in!

Manage How Guests Can Self-Checkin

Direct guests to your event registration form, online RSVP and event website

QR Code


Confirmation Code


Email Address


Full Name


Optionally allow walk-in guests to check in too!

Use check-in on almost any device. No fancy equipment required!

Download our event check-in app on your IOS or Android devices. Or, launch check-in using any browser.

Contactless Event Check-in Guides & How To's

How do I use RSVPify’s event check-in suite with an existing attendee list?

Use RSVPify's check-in suite with an existing list of confirmed guests.

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How do I set up & launch kiosk mode for contactless check-in?

RSVPify's Kiosk Mode makes it easy for your guests to check themselves in when arriving at your event.

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How do I send a QR code ("ticket") to guests?

Send a QR or confirmation code to guests anytime to use at checkin.

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Can I export my guests' event check-in activity?

Export detailed logs of your events check-in activity.

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