Event Website & RSVP Security

Hosting an invite-only, private event? Keep your event website exclusive with powerful security features.

Invite Only Access

Choose to limit respondents to those you’ve specifically invited. No write-in guests or uninvited +1’s. Look up by name or email.

Password Protection

Require a password before a site visitor can view your event website or register. The password can be whatever you’d like!

Unique Passcodes

Assign each invite or group a unique code to access your event website, online RSVP, or event registration.

Invite List-Only Access

Limit respondents to only guests you have invited.

Attendees can look up their invite by name and/or email (you choose!). Or, automatically direct them to their RSVP from an email invite sent directly from RSVPify.

Allow your invitees to bring a +1, or more!

Restrict attendees from changing the name on the invite, so they can't send someone else in their place.

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