Eventbrite Fee Calculator

Calculate estimated Eventbrite fees with our handy fee calculator and compare Eventbrite fees to RSVPify

Use the Eventbrite fee calculator below to calculate total expected fees associated with selling tickets to your event through Eventbrite.

Compare Eventbrite fees to RSVPify, and see if you can improve your event's ROI with lower fees and immediate payouts.

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RSVPify Versus Eventbrite

Eventbrite Professional*
Credit Card Fees 2.9%
+ 30¢ per transaction
Service Fees 1.95%
+ 90¢ per ticket
+ $1.59 per ticket
Event & Guest List Management Features Power of RSVPify Platinum FREE Limited
Customization Flexible & Powerful Limited
Spotlight On Your Event and Brand Their Brand & Other Events
Revenue Payouts Payouts Daily with Stripe Payout 4 to 5 Days After Your event

Whether you plan to use Eventbrite or another ticketing provider like RSVPify, calculating the various fees to expect for selling tickets online for your event can be difficult. You can choose to ‘absorb’ ticketing fees yourself as the event host, or pass those fees along to your guests.

Regardless of whether you will absorb these fees or pass them along to event attendees, the fees associated with selling tickets impact your bottom line and the number of tickets you will sell for your event. Passing along high fees to your guests may impact their willingness to purchase tickets for your event or may negatively impact a guest’s first impression of your event and organization.

An Eventbrite fee calculator will help you determine how much it will cost to sell tickets through Eventbrite’s platform and whether it might behoove you to consider an Eventbrite alternative.

(*) Eventbrite Professional’s fees and pricing structure are subject to change. Comparison for illustrative purposes.  Fees may differ by region and feature set. Consult Eventbrite for latest fees and pricing details.