Event Spotlight: Global Roots Sip & Paint

Tell us about your event: In our pursuit of meaningful initiatives, we discovered the Mosaic Mural project, which we found to be an excellent fit for our objectives. The Mural Mosaic’s Global Roots Project provides participants with tile canvases and

Event Spotlight: Backpack Mafia Beat Battle

Tell us about your event: We are BackPack Mafia Beat Battle League. We provide a live platform for music producers to test their skills against competitors and let the audience decide, “Who’s The iLLest On The Beat?”   How long

Learn some ways to improve event engagement in 2024

Ways to measure and improve event engagement in 2024

Event engagement can be defined in many different ways, especially given the wide range of events and the purposes they serve. For traditional or personal events like graduation ceremonies or retirement parties, this might just be how people enjoy the

Event Spotlight: Soiree Africaine Sherbrooke

Tell us about your event: The SoirĂ©e Africaine Sherbrooke (SAS 2024) aims to share the beauty of African culture with people in our community and beyond. It’s an initiative of Famille Marie Jeunesse (a religious community working with youth) and

Some great ideas for corporate events in 2024

Outside-the-box ideas for corporate events in 2024

As corporate America seems poised to fully return from the wilderness of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2024, decision makers are starting to raise their expectations for their in-person corporate events. If 2022 and 2023 were simply about making sure people

Event Spotlight: Orange County Sports Commission Speaker Series

Tell us about your event in a couple of sentences. Orange County Sports Commission’s upcoming Speaker Series, “Breaking Boundaries: The Rise of Women in Sports Business,” will feature Keynote Speaker Dr. Jen Welter, Sports Psychologist and first female NFL Coach,

Event sponsorship examples for event planner inspo

Event Sponsorship Examples and Beginner’s Guide

Event planners know the incredible importance of sponsors to the success of any given event, large or small. Sponsors provide the support and resources needed to not only create memorable attendee experiences, but often to make the physical logistics of

Case Studies – Reynolds College

The complexities of event planning in higher education are numerous. Given the various stakeholders in any college community (faculty, staff, students, community members, donors, administration, family, and more), the sheer variety and different scale of events on an annual college

Summarizing the debate around how to design a registration form

Simple or complex? The event planner debate around how to design a registration form in 2024

Handling event registration remains one of the most talked-about topics among event planners. Plenty of ink has been spilled on the continuing trend toward late registration from attendees and sponsors alike. The landscape of event software providers offering differing capabilities

Event Spotlight: PPG Place Forum & Luncheon

What inspired you to create this event? What should people know about it? “We are hosting a luncheon/forum for the stakeholders who rent office space at our property in downtown Pittsburgh. We’ll cover topics such as property and citywide safety,

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Learn some ways to improve event engagement in 2024
Some great ideas for corporate events in 2024