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ChangeTower: Web page change monitoring, tracking, and alerts

From the Creators of RSVPify Comes Website Monitoring & Change Tracking Platform ChangeTower

After creating and fine-tuning the web’s premiere online RSVP service over the past few years, the creative and development team behind RSVPify is pleased to announce a new addition to the RSVPify family — ChangeTower. ChangeTower aims to provide users with premium, effective, and cost-efficient web monitoring tools that can serve a variety of purposes […]

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RSVPify mobile RSVP management app now available for Apple's iOS iPhone and iPad

RSVPify Mobile App for iOS Now Available in the App Store

Managing your RSVPify event on-the-go just got easier than ever with the new RSVPify mobile app for iOS. Our inaugural mobile app release is now available for download in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.  Event Dashboard: All of your primary and secondary event’s details are a tap away through the interactive dashboard.  Guest List […]

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PayPal payment link genrator tool

PayPal Link Generator

Your PayPal E-mail address: Error: Please make sure your email-address is formatted correctly! Error: Please enter an email address! Item Description: Error: Don’t forget to include an item description! Item Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Amount ($): Error: Please input the amount the item costs! Generate PayPal Link URL: […]

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Send online invitation with the best online RSVP website

What’s New in RSVPify’s March Release?

RSVPify’s March release has been rolled out to all of our users.  Here’s what’s new this month! Send email invitations right from RSVPify. We were the first to bring you an online RSVP solution that works seamlessly with traditional paper invitations, personal email and social media. Now, we’ve given the RSVPify platform even more event-host-power with […]

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RSVPify RSVP Form for WordPress

RSVPify WordPress Plugin Now Available

Hey WordPress users, embedding RSVPify on your WordPress-based website or blog is now easier than ever! We’ve launched a WordPress plugin makes it quick-and-easy for premium RSVPify users to seamlessly embed their RSVP form on their WordPress-powered site. Simply install the plugin by downloading it or searching for it in the official WordPress Plugin Directory from the “Plugins” […]

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Guest List Import Process

What’s new in RSVPify v2.21?

Our latest minor release is now available across all user accounts — and brings with it a handful of new features and enhancements to make your event planning life that much easier! Here’s what RSVPify v2.21 has to offer: Improved Guest List Import Capabilities Importing your guest list is now easier than ever.  We’ve introduced […]

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Custom RSVP welcome message shown to specific guests

What’s new in RSVPify v2.2?

Online RSVP website RSVPify’s latest release will be rolling out to all accounts over the next couple days.  With it comes a handful of helpful tools and feature enhancements, as well as additional under-the-hood enhancements to speed and performance across the application.  Here’s a brief summary of what RSVPify v2.2 has to offer: Integrated Messaging: […]

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Edit RSVP replies with a click

What’s new in RSVPify v2.1?

We’ve been grateful to all of our RSVPify 2.0 Beta users for their insights, feedback and suggestions.  This feedback has been invaluable in helping us continually evolve and re-prioritize our 2.0 roadmap, and we’ve been hard at work on our latest batch of new features and improvements across the application.  Here’s some highlights of what’s […]

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RSVPify 2.0 Beta

RSVPify 2.0 Beta Now Available

One of the things we’ve focused on here at RSVPify since we first set out to re-invent the online RSVP has been the experience of our users — and that of their guests. Without them — and their feedback — we wouldn’t be able to improve and evolve the RSVPify experience to deliver the unique […]

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