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Custom RSVP welcome message shown to specific guests

What’s new in RSVPify v2.2?

Online RSVP website RSVPify’s latest release will be rolling out to all accounts over the next couple days.  With it comes a handful of helpful tools and feature enhancements, as well as additional under-the-hood enhancements to speed and performance across the application.  Here’s a brief summary of what RSVPify v2.2 has to offer: Integrated Messaging: […]

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Edit RSVP replies with a click

What’s new in RSVPify v2.1?

We’ve been grateful to all of our RSVPify 2.0 Beta users for their insights, feedback and suggestions.  This feedback has been invaluable in helping us continually evolve and re-prioritize our 2.0 roadmap, and we’ve been hard at work on our latest batch of new features and improvements across the application.  Here’s some highlights of what’s […]

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RSVPify 2.0 Beta

RSVPify 2.0 Beta Now Available

One of the things we’ve focused on here at RSVPify since we first set out to re-invent the online RSVP has been the experience of our users — and that of their guests. Without them — and their feedback — we wouldn’t be able to improve and evolve the RSVPify experience to deliver the unique […]

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Lyrics If you want to have a perfect invitation For a wedding or any situation You’ll go paperless And party all night long With Ever thought about how crazy it is…? Using all this paper throwing parties at your crib No Man, don’t get a paper invite Got a website you can check out […]

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New Features Report 7.3.2014 + 2.0 Coming Soon

It’s been an exciting few months for us at RSVPify as we’ve welcomed tens of thousands of new users from around the world and, driven by user feedback, continued to innovate the RSVP process to remain the trendy new way to accept RSVPs for your special event. While we launch minor releases on a regular […]

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‘Secondary Events’ Have Arrived!

Have a rehearsal dinner, brunch or conference you’d like your guests to RSVP for at the same time they RSVP for your main event?  RSVPify now makes accepting RSVPs for such “secondary events” quick and seamless. Create unlimited “secondary events”  Ask all your guests to RSVP or select individual parties to invite to each event […]

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RSVPify. Guest List Management Tool

RSVPify New Features Report 1.12.14

You’ve been asking.  We’ve been listening!  We’re pleased to announce that the latest release of RSVPify. is now rolling out to all user accounts. So, what do you have to look forward to?  Here’s a quick run down. Guest List Management and Tracking Perhaps the most frequently requested feature since RSVPify.’s inception, addition of the […]

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