RSVPify and HitchSwitch Partner to Help Simplify Your Post-Wedding Name Change Experience

RSVPify and HitchSwitch logos

RSVPify is pleased to announce a new partnership with HitchSwitch, the web’s leading platform for simplifying the name-change process for newly married couples. Like RSVPify, HitchSwitch wants to help make your wedding process easier. By providing newlyweds with the forms, processing, and guidance needed to complete the formal name-change process, HitchSwitch can save you time, money, and mental health. Some of the things we like most about the fine work that HitchSwitch takes care of for you:

Avoid bureaucracy and waiting in line!

Once upon a time, going through the name-change process included waiting in long lines, visiting multiple government offices, and dealing with a variety of headaches that we all know from any experience at a government agency or office. Because of this, something as simple as officially changing a surname became a tedious, painful experience. HitchSwitch removes these problems by allowing you to complete the name change process online, with just a few simple steps!

Only the forms you need

If the lines at offices weren’t bad enough, the variety of confusing and complicated paperwork needed by couples is another headache that HitchSwitch can help you avoid. By providing you with only the necessary forms, as well as helpful and clear guidance on what information you’ll need to complete them, HitchSwitch takes away the guesswork and painful realizations that you waited in that long line with the wrong form. Who doesn’t want to avoid that?

Why we’re working together

Aside from the things that HitchSwitch does well for its users, we at RSVPify also feel a kinship with our common goals. Much as we here at RSVPify hope to make the wedding RSVP process simple, convenient, and worry-free, HitchSwitch brings the same approach to the name-change process. When it comes to companies that want to take a formerly tedious process and simplify it, save your money, and even save the planet by avoiding all that extra paper, RSVPify and HitchSwitch are two peas in the same pod.

We encourage you to learn more about HitchSwitch and their story by visiting them here.

Interested in joining forces or learning about some of the other amazing companies RSVPify partners with? Visit our Partnerships page for more info!


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