Introducing At-Event Guest Check In

Big or small, we’ve always set out to make your end-to-end event planning life a bit easier. Today, we’ve made another stride in helping to connect the dots between planning your event and the at-event experience. Introducing at-event guest check-in — an easy-to-use, powerful check-in solution that’s fully integrated with RSVPify and also works with any pre-existing guest list.

Check-in guests as they arrive at your event with a QR code, guest name(s) or a simple confirmation number. Scan QR codes with almost any mobile device, tablet or computer. Confirm guest access to both primary and secondary events, keep track of attendance, and know when guests come and go. It’s the perfect check-in app for events big and small.

Fully integrated with RSVPify or use any guest list


If you collect event registrations with RSVPify, you’re ready to check guests in at your event! Our new check-in suite is seamlessly integrated with all of RSVPify’s event-winning guest list management and event dashboard features.

If you didn’t use RSVPify to plan your event and collect RSVPs this time around, we get it! You can upload any pre-existing guest list to RSVPify, send your guests a QR code and confirmation number (ticket), and check registered guests in as they arrive.

Scan QR Codes with (almost) any device


No more renting fancy ticket scanners or hiring event management firms for access management. RSVPify’s check-in suite works with nearly any internet-connected device with a camera. Simply log in to RSVPify, scan a QR code, and tap to check in guests. 

Unlimited users and door staff


Give an unlimited number of event staffers access to your event at no additional cost. Event users can check in guests and view live event activity feeds. High-volume check-in times at your event? Send in as many reinforcements as you like!

One ticket for every event your guests are registered for


No need to make guests manage (and search for) multiple tickets or QRs codes across emails. One single ticket (QR code + confirmation number) is all you need for all primary and sub-events a guest is registered for.

Live event check-in activity feed


See updates in real time as guests check in and out of your event(s). No refreshing the screen. Know who’s there, who’s left, and the moment a VIP arrives or departs. Get up-to-the-second guest counts on any device.


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