RSVPify’s Guest List Management App Adds Quick-Add RSVP Feature for Event Hosts

RSVPify’s Newest Guest List Management Feature Simplifies the Process of Manually RSVPing for Your Guests

We are constantly using feedback from our customers to help us determine how to increase the power of RSVPify’s robust Guest List Management Application. We’ve heard from a number of our clients about situations in which they’re forced to RSVP on behalf of their guests and have requested that we build a quick and easy way to alleviate this burden. We’re excited to say that our RSVP Quick-Add feature is now available to all of our free and premium users!

Why Would I Have to RSVP on Behalf of my Guests?

Less-Tech Savvy Guests Can be Stressed by Even the Simplest of Online Tasks

While we know that digital RSVPs are the future, we also know that there are always going to be a handful of guests who struggle in the ever increasing digital age. What’s great about this new feature is that it will enable you to include your personal contact information in addition to url on your invitations so that your guests have an alternative if they have difficulty and/or simply prefer to contact you directly to RSVP.

Quick-add RSVP Feature added to RSVPify's Guest List Management App

RSVPify’s Quick-Add Tool Enables Hosts to Manually RSVP for Their Guests

Traditional Mail Invitations with a 21st Century Guest List Management App

Another great benefit of this new feature is that it makes it significantly easier for event hosts who want to use RSVPify’s powerful Guest Management platform but would prefer to collect paper RSVPs. Instead of having to manually RSVP on behalf of their guests by going through the online RSVP form for each of their guests, this new guest management tool will enable hosts to quickly enter their guests and RSVP details in a fraction of the time.


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