Monitor Website Changes with ChangeTower, from the Creators of RSVPify

Monitor for Website Changes with ChangeTower

After creating and fine-tuning the web’s premiere online RSVP service over the past few years, the creative and development team behind RSVPify is pleased to announce a new addition to the RSVPify family — ChangeTower. ChangeTower is a website monitoring and change tracking platform that alerts users when updates are made that are important to them.

ChangeTower aims to provide users with premium, effective, and cost-efficient web monitoring tools that can serve a variety of purposes for individual users and companies looking to utilize the many benefits of web monitoring applications.
ChangeTower is a cloud-based website monitoring software and tool that checks a selected public-facing web page for select content changes, HTML code changes, and website availability at pre-defined intervals. If a change is detected, the ChangeTower platform will notify selected users and user groups of the change. While there are a number of practical uses for this type of software in the web development and design fields, ChangeTower aims to provide useful capabilities for a wider variety of users that may seem a bit more surprising. Among these use cases:

  •  Competitive Monitoring: Monitor activities and updates to various sites of interest to help drive your innovation and development strategies
  • Status Monitoring: Monitor the status of stock prices, delivery dates, deals, deadlines, extensions, expirations, event tickets, etc.
  • News Stories of Interest: Keep close tabs on relevant news and media postings
  • Compliance: Monitor content to match and meet changing industry standards
  •  Website & System Status Monitoring: Monitor changes and detect problems before customers or users do
  •  Classified Ads: Job listings, items, rentals, etc – monitor changes of each
  •  Property Listings: Track various data points and listings in the real estate realm
  •  Stock & Availability: Get alerted when a select product comes in stock or goes out of stock
  •  Price Changes: Be the first to know if a price drops or skyrockets on a given product or service

The ChangeTower team plans to continue rolling out more diverse features and new services on an ongoing basis. RSVPify is excited to bring this new set of tools to the web, and expects the same integration of customer-desired features and high-quality user experience that has been a hallmark of the RSVPify experience thus far.


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