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New Features Report 7.3.2014 + 2.0 Coming Soon

It’s been an exciting few months for us at RSVPify as we’ve welcomed tens of thousands of new users from around the world and, driven by user feedback, continued to innovate the RSVP process to remain the trendy new way to accept RSVPs for your special event.

While we launch minor releases on a regular basis, we like to highlight our major releases — and today we’ll be rolling out RSVPify v1.8 to all of our users. Our 1.8 release will include a number of new features and performance enhancements. While you’ll notice a handful of additional features and upgrades as you browse around, here’s a few highlights:

  • Enhanced Guest List & Import Tool: We’ve rebuilt our guest list management tool from the ground up — improving performance and load time to make it easier to add new guests, see who’s coming, who’s not and who you haven’t yet heard from. While we know how much fun some of our users have copying and pasting, we’re also introducing a guest list import tool that will allow you to quickly import your list from a spreadsheet and assign your guests to parties.
  • Individual Secondary Event Invitations: You can now ask just one guest (rather than an entire party) to RSVP to a given secondary event. Now, it’s easier for your best friend Julie to readily come to the conclusion that her new boo who she’s seemingly attached to at the hip isn’t on the guest list for your bridal shower.
  • Email Confirmation Customization: Want to add a custom message to the email sent to your guests confirming their RSVP? Perhaps some further details about the event? Your logo? Well, today your dreams have come to fruition.
  • Search by First & Last Name: If you’re using the guest list management tool, your guests will now search for their party by first and last name, limiting the number of results returned to guests with the same last name as guests in other parties. Not to worry. If there’s a typo or variation in your guest’s first name, we’ll still find a match based on last name alone.
  • Pre-populate Edited RSVPs: RSVPify will now pre-populate previously filled in fields, allowing your guests to rapidly change a part of their RSVP without having to re-enter all of their details and preferences.

Beyond v1.8, we’ve been hard at work on RSVPify 2.0 which will include an all-new design, mobile interface, fully-responsive RSVP design, many new features, and improvements to speed and performance across the application. RSVPify 2.0 is coming this fall!

Your feedback is how we learn, grow and evolve. Please keep it coming!

Your RSVPify Team



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