What’s new in RSVPify v2.21?

Our latest minor release is now available across all user accounts — and brings with it a handful of new features and enhancements to make your event planning life that much easier! Here’s what RSVPify v2.21 has to offer:

Improved Guest List Import Capabilities
Importing your guest list is now easier than ever.  We’ve introduced the ability to import all of your guest’s information seamlessly through one interface.  You can now import your guest’s titles, first name, last name, party number, and +1 offering — all at the same time! Want to offer all of your guests a +1? Just make a quick edit to your importable spreadsheet.

Clone Guest Lists
Have multiple recurring events with the same guest list? Now, when cloning an event’s design and settings, you can also opt to clone your event’s guest list — and make easy edits and additions to that guest list.  Accepting online RSVPs from the same set of guests is now quick and painless.

‘Save to Calendar’ Timezones
Our ‘Save to Calendar’ feature has gone global.  You can now configure your calendar invite to be localized for your event’s location and timezone, and guest’s calendars will automatically adjust to show your event in the guest’s current timezone.

Speed Improvements
From sending and scheduling email messages to your guests and loading up your guest list and RSVPs, we’ve improved underlying backend foundations to make jumping between screens and crunching data faster than ever.

What’s On the Horizon

A whole host of additional features and enhancements are also on the horizon.  In Q1 of 2016, we’ll be launching our native iOS app — which will make managing your event on-the-go a pleasure. We’re also hard-at-work on a variety of features to make secondary events management and invites fast and easy as well as the ability to send integrated email invitations to your guests without having to leave RSVPify.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to continue to pioneer our novel approach to online RSVPs.  If you have any features you’d like to see added to our roadmap, we’re always listening!


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