RSVPify 2.0 Beta Now Available

One of the things we’ve focused on here at RSVPify since we first set out to re-invent the online RSVP has been the experience of our users — and that of their guests. Without them — and their feedback — we wouldn’t be able to improve and evolve the RSVPify experience to deliver the unique tools and features you need for your special event.

Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work exploring and incorporating thousands of your comments and suggestions into an all-new RSVPify. We’ve re-built RSVPify from the ground up with a re-imagined design, evolved customization options and features, and under-the-hood enhancements to speed and performance across the application — while bringing back our same battle-tested approach to online RSVP management. As always, whether you’re planning a wedding or this year’s corporate retreat, we’re confident that RSVPify 2.0 will help make your event planning life a bit easier.

Online RSVPs and event registration with RSVPify

One small favor. Let us know any features you’d like to see or any bugs you notice. We’ve been humbled by the overwhelming response to the RSVPify approach to online RSVPs, and are grateful for the feedback — the good, the bad, and the ugly — that has helped us shape RSVPify along the way. Please keep it coming!

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4 thoughts on “RSVPify 2.0 Beta Now Available

  1. If my current event is migrated over to RSVPify 2.0, will the rsvp’d and meal choices carry over as well? Or will the original information be lost?

    1. I upgraded to 2.0 and need to update my RSVP page but everytime I attempt to log in I only have the option to login on the 1.0 version. Where is the 2.0 login link? And can you make your log in tool smart enough to determine when I sign in if I am a 1.0 or 2.0 user? Thanks!

      1. Hi Sarah, the login will actually determine if you have a 1.0 or 2.0 account — and will then authenticate you against and direct you to the correct platform. If you want to switch to RSVPify 2.0, you can close your 1.0 account and then sign up again with the same email. We’re not out of Beta, and 2.0 is our default platform now. 🙂

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