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What’s new in RSVPify v2.2?

Online RSVP website RSVPify’s latest release will be rolling out to all accounts over the next couple days.  With it comes a handful of helpful tools and feature enhancements, as well as additional under-the-hood enhancements to speed and performance across the application.  Here’s a brief summary of what RSVPify v2.2 has to offer:

Integrated Messaging: E-mail guests updates or reminders with ease. Choose to e-mail all respondents to your RSVP, or select from sub-groups of guests who have replied in a certain way to a primary or secondary event.  Need to schedule a reminder to be automatically sent the night before to guests who accepted a post-event brunch? We’ve got you covered.

Multi-language Support: RSVPify now formally welcomes the world. We’ve introduced the ability to translate your RSVP form into any language.  Spanish and French is offered out-of-the-box, with additional pre-translated languages coming soon.  If your language of choice isn’t offered, customize the default English verbiage to any language you’d like.  Don’t need to translate into a foreign language, but want to customize form text and error messages? You can do that too.

Unique, Party-specific Passwords: In addition to a one-size-fits-all universal password, hosts can now to choose to automatically assign each party (group of guests) in their guest list a unique numeric passcode or word-based password.  When submitting their RSVP, guest’s will enter their party’s password to authenticate themselves and access their pre-filled RSVP form.  It’s the ultimate in guest list privacy.

Party-specific Welcome Messages: Greet select guests with a special message and/or photo as they begin their RSVP.  Recall past good times, or let guests know about special accommodations you’ve made for them.  Add a different message and image for each party on your guest list.

Save Event to Calendar: After a successful RSVP submission, guests can now add your event directly to their Google, Outlook or iCal calendars.

Wedding RSVP Timeline Calculator: We analyzed the data from 1-million wedding RSVPs to determine the percentage of wedding invitees who attend the average wedding and pinpointed the typical RSVP response time to bring you a simple wedding RSVP and guest count calculator.


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