Hot Digital Trends For Weddings – 2017 Edition

on February 13, 2017 Featured Stories with 0 comments
A drone hovers snapping pictures of a couple during their wedding vows

It’s been a long time since we took a look at the hottest new digital wedding trends, and let’s face it, in these days of rapid Internet innovation, there are new trends emerging for young couples and wedding planners every day. From new ways to share your big day with friends and family, to new […]

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8 Common RSVP Questions Answered By The Experts

on November 22, 2016 Featured Stories with 0 comments
Traditional RSVP card

No one likes to admit it, but there’s a lot to be confused about when creating, organizing, sending out, and receiving RSVPs for any event. From etiquette, to timing, to style, to expectations of your guests, we’ve always been surprised by the number of questions we see from event planners when considering these things. With […]

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Are Online Wedding RSVPs Starting To Become…..Tradition?

on August 21, 2016 Featured Stories with 1 comment
Engaged couple setting up their online wedding RSVP

A while ago, we wrote about why people were starting to consider using online wedding RSVPs a norm as opposed to the exception.  While many at the time still viewed moving a traditional part of the wedding process to the digital realm, considering it untrustworthy or tacky, times have certainly changed over the past few […]

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RSVP 101: How to RSVP to a Wedding or Event

on July 7, 2016 Featured Stories with 1 comment
Paper RSVP card showing how to RSVP

Not sure how to RSVP to that event you just received an invitation to? We know, it seems like the RSVP is a pretty simple process – but you’d be surprised at how many people get annoyed (both guests and event hosts) when a simple process like this goes wrong. As a guest, you just […]

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A Brief Guide to Online Wedding RSVP Netiquette

on June 13, 2016 Featured Stories with 0 comments
Wedding invitation and RSVP card with mouse cursor

The new frontier of the online wedding RSVP has brought with it something that’s much more of a wedding tradition – the rules of good etiquette as both a guest and a host of a wedding.  While the general idea of the wedding RSVP hasn’t changed much with the move to the web, as with […]

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10 Ways To Max Out Your Online RSVP Experience

on May 19, 2016 Featured Stories with 0 comments
Your online RSVP is loading...

It’s been awhile since we focused on some of the coolest features available to you, a newly (or returning) online RSVP aficionado. No matter your event focus – corporate get together, the ever-popular wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or anything and everything in between, utilizing all of the features available to you is the best way […]

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Who Came Up With This ‘RSVP’ Idea Anyway?

on February 14, 2016 Featured Stories with 0 comments
Old-fashioned RSVP

Even though you’ve been probably been checking off the boxes and sending them in for years, we’ve got to think you might be as curious as we were about where this whole idea of RSVPs came from in the first place.  While most of us generally know, you know, how an RSVP for an event […]

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Throwing The Best Winter Wedding

on January 28, 2016 Featured Stories with 0 comments

While the best portion of wedding season is in its winter hibernation, a growing number of happy couples are starting to opt for the tradition-bucking winter wedding season. While outdoor pictures are more of an issue for many of us from November to April (especially here in RSVPify’s home of Chicago! Brrrr), there are a […]

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10 Reasons You Really Should Make the Switch To an Online RSVP

on November 15, 2015 Featured Stories with 0 comments

When they first emerged on the scene a few years ago, many couples were understandably hesitant about making the switch to an online wedding RSVP process.  Some were concerned with it being a “tacky” option – less formal and stylish than the traditional paper RSVP.  Others were worried about elderly and tech-encumbered relatives being able […]

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Our Favorite Clever, Comical RSVPs Part II

on September 24, 2015 Featured Stories with 0 comments
The DJ’s Request Line RSVP The DJ’s Request Line RSVP

Here at RSVPify, one thing we can never get enough of are the creative and goofy ideas that couples will include in their modern-day wedding RSVPs.  Even before the advent of the online RSVP, couples with a good sense of humor had made a habit of messing with guests in their wedding invitations – but […]

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