Top Four Scheduling App Alternatives to Calendly

What scheduling app is the best choice for you?

The recent surge in demand for COVID vaccine scheduling apps has been driving attention toward the niche market of online scheduling platforms. Beyond the simple Calendar-type features of Google and Microsoft Outlook, appointment scheduling software solutions offer a variety of benefits to event hosts or people needing to create an appointment or sign up for a time slot alike.

While the scheduling app Calendly is one of the most prominent names among casual Internet users, there are actually a growing number of alternatives to Calendly that offer robust scheduling solutions for a variety of use cases, such as:

  • For educators, the ability to create time slots for parent-teacher conferences or team/department meetings (virtual or in-person)
  • For corporate users, the ability to schedule a series of interviews or performance review meetings in one simple place
  • For healthcare providers, the ability to schedule everything from routine checkups to COVID vaccine appointments in a single easy-to-navigate dashboard for both the provider and the user

So aside from Calendly, what are some of the best scheduling and registration apps out there for you to choose from? Here are four solid alternatives to Calendly for you to consider:

Created in 2008, actually predates Calendly and has operated in the same appointment scheduling space for over a decade now. Offering a simple but clean solution in comparison to Calendly, has a few notable features that help it stand out from other scheduling apps:

  • You can choose from a range of responsive and well-designed website templates, which is great if you want a booking app and a simple landing page together for your recipients to visit
  • offers integration with a wide variety of payment processors (in the dozens), compared to Calendly’s offering of only PayPal and Stripe for payment
  • also includes a membership feature, which lets you create “tiers” for your clients which can let you provide discounts or incentives to loyal customers

Wix Bookings

As more and more entrepreneurs and small business owners have been discovering, Wix offers a set of solutions that go far beyond a simple website maker. Building on its simplistic templates for creating customized and fairly robust personal and business web pages, Wix has expanded into Wix Bookings, a new offering that includes valuable scheduling app features like:

  • Complete integration with existing Wix websites, meaning for Wix users you won’t need to rely on an external service and can simply embed the features into your current page
  • You can add multiple members to “manager” roles to delegate scheduling oversight to any team member or employee
  • Because you will be scheduling directly through your existing web page, Wix Bookings offers a simplistic process for your clients or customers without having to do outreach or explanation – which can also lower the amount of support requests another platform might generate for you
WIX bookings widget useful alternative to calendal for wix users.

The darlings of the past year for allowing the whole world to work remotely, Zoom also offers an AI-powered meeting scheduler that combines with some of the best features of the video conferencing tool. From syncing with your calendars to integrating with a variety of other apps, also has some unique benefits among scheduling apps:

  • Since it’s compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google (and thus Meet), Webex, and others, can auto-populate conferencing links in any remote meeting
  • also offers a People Insights feature, which essentially collects relevant publicly available information associated with meeting invitees so you can better prepare for every session
  • The Meeting Types feature also allows you to customize meetings and appointments to avoid annoyances like last-minute bookings or back-to-back appointments, letting you better manage your time and workload


Newer to the scheduling front is RSVPify, which has grown from an event management platform into a robust suite of tools that can allow you to do anything needed for scheduling, from creating custom event pages using dynamic templates to selling tickets online and even checking attendees into events with custom QR codes. For people considering RSVPify for use as a scheduling app, here are some ways it stands apart from Calendly:

  • Beyond the basic registration and scheduling app features, premium packages at RSVPify also provide a suite of useful features for meetings and events, such as the ability to sell tickets online, event check-in options, and integration with a variety of other apps and platforms
  • RSVPify also offers a dizzying array of customization options, which can let you create enterprise-grade branding for your scheduling page, as well as ensure brand consistency even through a third-party platform
  • Bulk emailing and load management features ensure that RSVPify can manage peak surges of demand. For example, for those looking for a COVID vaccine app solution, RSVPify can maintain the same functionality and speed even as you release appointment times and experience upswings in signups and appointments


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