INFOGRAPHIC: Wedding RSVPs & Guest Counts By the Numbers

Based on the analysis of data from millions of wedding RSVPs, we’ve compiled some key guest count, RSVP timeline, and associated costs into a handy infographic!

Infographic: Wedding RSVPs by the numbers with average wedding size, guest reply timelines and RSVP costs

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How many guests should you expect to attend your wedding?

The answer to this age-old question depends on how many guests you’ve invited (of course!).

  • On average, 83% of invited wedding guests accept their invitations and attend
  • 17% RSVP that they will not attend

In the United States, the number of guests invited to the average wedding is 162 invitees. Of those invitees, 134 RSVP’d “yes” to the wedding.

When do guests typically submit their RSVP?

Whether using an online RSVP or a traditional ‘snail mail’ reply card, guests typically submit their RSVPs a relatively standard timeline.

  • 57.6% of guests RSVP within 5 weeks of receiving their invitations
  • 80% of guests will have submitted their RSVP after 8 weeks
  • The most popular week for guests to RSVP is week 3 (check out the chart above!)

Want to know the exact breakdown? See our average RSVP response timeline data.

When should you send your invitations?

The short answer is that you should send your wedding invitations as soon as possible, particularly if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests who you’d like to be able to attend.

  • Send your invitations 6 – 10 weeks before your wedding day
  • If inviting more than a few out-of-town guests, aim for 10 weeks before your big day
  • If you want fewer guests to accept your invitation (for whatever reason…), sending invitations later will have a direct impact on the number of guests who will be able to attend

Curious about what the RSVP reply timeline will look like for your wedding? Check out our RSVP response time calculator.

How much does the average wedding RSVP cost?

“Snail Mail” RSVP Return Cards

When considering the overall cost of your invitation, factoring in the costs of the RSVP component is important.

Costs can range dramatically depending on how fancy you’d like to get, but on average:

  • Return Postage: $0.49 / invitation
  • Paper RSVP Card: $1.38 / invitation
  • Return Envelope: $1.38 / invitation

Also, be sure to consider your time and hassle, possible RSVP replies lost in the mail and environment impact.

With paper RSVP cards, the possibility remains that a guest with…the best of intentions may ‘pencil in’ a +1 (guest) who you didn’t actually invite. Then, you’ll either have to pony up the money for another attendee or face a relatively awkward conversation with your guest.

  • For the average wedding, paper RSVP replies alone can cost $224.00 or more

Want a more detailed breakdown? Check out our wedding RSVP cost calculator.

Online Wedding RSVPs

Even if you’re sending traditional paper invitations, consider taking the online RSVP route to save money, time, headache and hassle.

  • The average online wedding RSVP service costs around $45, but can vary depending on the size of your guest list

You can check out RSVPify to learn more about online wedding RSVPs.


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