Hot Digital Trends For Weddings – 2017 Edition

It’s been a long time since we took a look at the hottest new digital wedding trends, and let’s face it, in these days of rapid Internet innovation, there are new trends emerging for young couples and wedding planners every day. From new ways to share your big day with friends and family, to new methods to make organization easier, the world of wedding planning is getting more easy (and much more fun) every single day. With this in mind, let’s take a look at five hot new wedding trends that you can easily incorporate into planning your special day in 2017:

1. The Social Network (Wedding)

Given the way that social media has taken hold in everyone’s life over the past decade, it is no real surprise that weddings have been caught up in the fervor as well. While the obvious (creating wedding groups on Facebook, establishing a special Twitter handle for your special day) have been known by couples for a few years now, one new trend that we especially like is the advent of dedicated Instagram feeds for weddings.

Every married couple knows that your wedding day can be a blur – with all of the hectic planning and frenzied socializing that go into weddings and receptions, it’s hard to take a moment and just savor the day. These days though, a publicized Instagram feed (#thehuntersspecialday, for instance) lets all of your wedding guests know where they can share their own videos and pictures, to give you tons of happy memories to look back on long after the day itself is over. Why miss any moment of your big event, when you can crowdsource the responsibilities?

2. Online RSVPs

While digital RSVP sites have been in existence for awhile now, the online RSVP option has blown up exponentially recently. Once seen as tacky and non-traditional by many couples, the advent of online RSVP services has moved what was once a laborious process to the web.

Gone are the scratched out legal pads and forty pages of written out and edited seating charts – these days, you can move your entire guest list and planning process to the cloud, making a cumbersome part of the wedding process now just a walk in the park – which leaves you more time to focus on planning the more fun parts of your wedding.

3. Digital Registries

Another hallmark of the traditional wedding experience was the unnecessarily awkward gifting process – when wedding couples would open that eigth box of crystal stemware and have to come up with new ways of looking surprised and grateful. Now, we never would recommend seeming unhappy with a gift – but now you can make things easier on yourself by utilizing one of the many online registry tools available from both big companies like Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, as well as 3rd party services. These days, you can create a special wedding gift list that ensures you receive things you can actually use, and make the thank you process that much more genuine!

4. Be Your Own Wedding DJ

Yet another traditional occasion for the bride and groom has always been the negotiations with a DJ and band – you know you’ve got a list of music you can’t be without on your special day, but who wants to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for someone to play the songs you already have and love? With the further development of apps like Spotify, many couples are now choosing to tailor the own wedding playlists – so if you are the kind of couple that just NEEDS to hear “Sweet Caroline” at some point during your reception, you can make sure the dance party you’ve been envisioning happens!

5. Drone Photography

While some of us may get nervous and think of drones only in terms of 1984-like surveillance, the truth is, plenty of couples have figured out the drone videos and photography are the newest way to get literally a new angle and view on your special day. With the most affordable drones now available on online retailers for less than $100, assigning a friend or family member control of a drone to video and photo your outdoor event can give you amazing, professional-looking videos that lend a new perspective to your big event!

These are just the tip of the iceberg – as always, share with us your own ideas and innovations, so we can pass them along. There’s always something new for wedding planners in 2017!


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