Sell Tickets On Facebook with RSVPify

How to Start Selling Tickets on Facebook for Your Event

Selling tickets for your event? Using Facebook to promote your event is a great strategy. But, what’s the best way to actually sell tickets to your event through Facebook?

In order to get the word out about your event, it is important to use multiple channels to sell tickets online.┬áCreating a Facebook event is a great way to generate buzz and drive ticket sales, but if you are selling tickets you’ll want to select the right partner for collecting payments. There’s a number of ways to collect payments and event registrations, and it can be hard to understand what platform is the best choice for your event. We’ve put together the 3 major considerations when selecting the best way to sell tickets to your event with Facebook.

1. Event Customizability

When reviewing event registration platforms, one consideration is the customizability of the event page itself. Some platforms want to sell their own brand and tickets to other events, and the focus isn’t 100% on your event. While these platforms may have quick and simple set-ups, there may be less flexibility in what you can design, or you may allow potential attendees to get distracted by other events when landing on your page.

2. Feature Requirements

Each platform comes with its own myriad of features that may help simplify the planning process for your event. You’ll want to think about what features are most important to you when selecting the best way to sell tickets on Facebook. A few differentiating features to consider may be:

  • Ability to sell tickets to multiple dates or times
  • Integrated guest check-in system
  • Seating chart organizer
  • Easy data exports into Excel
  • Digital invitations and email reminders
  • Ability to set limited availability for certain ticket types

3. Payment Collection & Fees

An important consideration is, of course, the cost and security of processing payments through different platforms. There are a number of questions you’ll want to make sure you have answered before making your decision. Here are some important concerns that you may want to have addressed:

  • What service and processing fees are incurred on processed payments?
  • Can those fees be passed on to the ticket purchaser?
  • Are there any other costs associated with the platform?
  • What payment processor is the platform integrated with?

Using RSVPify to sell tickets on Facebook

RSVPify offers a number of awesome features that may make it the best way to sell tickets on Facebook for your next event. To get started, simply create a free ticketed event.


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