Response Card Wording – What Should Yours Look Like?

How to handle response card wording, whether online or traditional, is one of the most common questions we get from RSVPify users. Recently, we covered some of the basics of wedding response card wording. However, since we see a lot of specific inquiries into different types of online wedding invitation wording and online RSVP wording, we decided to compile some more answers for you here!

Wedding Response Card Wording – Four Key Basic Elements

RSVP By Date

In order to avoid a major wedding planning hassle, ask your guests to RSVP by a specific date. You can also check out our analysis of how long it takes for wedding guests to RSVP on average to get a better idea for what date to request responses for.

Guest Names

It’s important to know who the RSVP is from, wouldn’t you agree? Traditionally, your guests will enter their names after the “M” on your RSVP – with the “M” as the first letter of Mr., Mrs., or Miss. Yep, that’s why that M is there!

Accept Or Decline?

This one is pretty straightforward – although we’ll dive further into how you can customize your wording on these areas below.

Selection of Entrees

This section will depend on what you’re serving at the reception. If you’re opting for a buffet, chances are you can leave this section off altogether. If you have multiple entrée options, list the options, and ask your guests to tally the entrée preferences for their party.

Different Response Card Wording Reminders

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to some more specific areas of confusion:

Wedding RSVP Regrets Wording

The traditional approach for this is simply “Declines with Regrets”. However, some hip couples have some fun with an informal approach here. Choices like “So sad I can’t make it” to even goofier options like “I’m a failure and won’t be able to do it” have been springing up in modern online rsvp wording.

Wedding RSVP Acceptance Wording

Similar to above, the traditional acceptance wording is usually something with “Accepts with Gratitude”, “Accepts with Pleasure”. However, more informal wedding acceptance wording has also sprung up: “I’m ready to rock!”, “Let’s get this party started!” etc

Wedding RSVP Reminder Wording

Another touchy etiquette area deals with reminding guests to respond after the invitations have been out for awhile (specifically when choosing your rsvp follow up email wording). We actually go into way more depth on this in a previous helpful feature on how to remind your guests to RSVP.

RSVP Email Wording

While this may tie in to the reminder section above, your rsvp email wording (whether a reminder or a confirmation) should be concise. Be straight to the point, requesting the information you need or communicating your message clearly to ensure your guests know what they need to do (or see that you are grateful!).


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