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Evite Alternatives and FAQ

Over the past decade, event planning for even the most casual event has moved largely online. With the rise of easy-to-design online invitations, event websites, RSVP tracking features, and more, event hosts are organizing everything from birthdays to weddings primarily digitally. As this has become the event planning norm, there has been a similar rise in event planning software to meet demands. Among the biggest names in digital event planning is Evite, the popular online invitation platform used by many for casual events.


However, while the Evite app has gained popularity for a number of reasons (such as free options, easy interface, and more), the platform also has some significant limitations when compared to some of the more robust Evite alternatives that have emerged over the past few years. Let’s explore why so many people have turned to Evite in the past, its limitations, and some of the most powerful and convenient Evite alternatives to help you find the right event software for your event, small or large.

Benefits of the Evite app

Evite has largely built its following on being one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms, particularly for casual events. In some ways, it’s the bargain store of event management software – it has many of the features needed to invite attendees, manage a guest list, and communicate, but the functionality is limited given the low fees that Evite charges when compared to its competitors. For event planners working with a tight (or non-existent) budget, Evite does offer some attractive benefits to help you plan your event for free, including:

Drawbacks of using the Evite website

While Evite certainly offers an attractive option for cost-minded event planners, for anyone looking for a more robust or customizable platform, the Evite website has some significant limitations. Here are some of the drawbacks of using Evite RSVP and invitation tools for your event:

Five Evite alternatives to consider for your needs

If the drawbacks of Evite software mean that you still need an event software solution, the good news is that there’s a whole universe of options (both online invitation-centric and more robust) to consider. Here are five alternatives to Evite that might fit your needs:


  • Canva is a versatile graphic design tool that allows you to create custom digital invitations from scratch or using templates. While it doesn’t have RSVP tracking features, Canva offers the free Evite benefits with more expanded customization options for those looking for more control over their design process.
  • Paperless Post offers elegant and customizable digital invitations and cards for various occasions. They provide a wide range of design options and allow you to track RSVPs and manage guest lists. This is another example of an “Evite plus” option that offers more robust features (albeit it at a higher price).
  • While primarily an event management platform, Eventbrite allows you to create and manage events, sell tickets, and send digital invitations. However, it’s worth noting that Eventbrite recently eliminated almost all free plan options, meaning it’s a more expensive alternative to Evite.
  • SignUpGenius offers a more B2B-tailored event planning tool that can allow you to handle event registration processes, appointment scheduling, and more. If your event is more formal or business-centric and doesn’t require more formal or elegant invitations, SignUpGenius might be a better option given its broader feature set.
  • RSVPify offers a comprehensive set of online invitation, event registration, and event management tools that may make it the best all-in-one solution for Evite users looking for a broader feature set that still has a free option. You can upload invitation designs or create your own email invitations from scratch, manage RSVPs, sell tickets or collect payments, design an event website, and much more.


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