Ideas For Your Next Golf Outing

Sponsorships, Games & Giveaways To Drive Engagement

From sponsorships to games to giveaways, make your next golf outing one to remember!

Rain or shine, golf outings have a way of creating laughter, camaraderie, and meaningful connections. You might host an outing to raise funds for a charitable cause, to create a social opportunity for peers and colleagues, to host a reunion, or just because. Whatever the reason, design your next golf outing with friendly competition and golfer engagement in mind to create a successful outing on the course.

Here we list a few ideas around sponsorships, games, and giveaways all aimed at building friendly competition and boosting golfer engagement.


Give your guests a chance to support your event while promoting something that is important to them. In addition to overall sponsorship, your next outing might offer opportunities for:

  • Companies to sponsor holes (e.g., $1,000/hole gets you a sponsorship sign at the hole)
  • Friends to rename golf holes in honor of each other or friendly memories (e.g., $250/hole gets you the renaming opportunity that contributes to prize money for the winning score).
  • Equipment Sponsorship (e.g., $500 dollars gives each foursome a set of branded golf balls)


Games bring light-hearted fun to any outing. They can engage golfers of all abilities while testing skill and a little bit of luck.

  • Beat the Pro – Host a “closest to the pin” contest with the course’s golf professional or local golf professional celebrity on any par 3 hole. 
  • Scramble – This game is sure to keep the game moving and help players of all abilities. Set up your scramble so that teams of two play the best ball throughout the course. If you’d like, you can set-up limits to make the scramble more equitable across golfer abilities (e.g., each team must play at least three drives from each player).
  • Putt with your Driver – This type of game asks players to replace the club they might normally use with one they might never consider using in specific situations. For example, you might ask golfers to putt with their Driver instead of their putter. 
  • Pay to Pick Up – Offer golfers the option to pay $10 to the collective pot to pick up their ball and cap their score.
  • The Animal Kingdom – Give each foursome a set of animal cards at the start of the outing. Each animal represents a specific action, and golfers rotate ownership of the cards throughout the day as actions transpire. Play for fun, or attach outcomes to each of the cards after 18 holes (e.g., golfer with the fish buys a round of drinks for the foursome).
    • Redbird – Given to the golfer who scores a birdie
    • Eagle – Given to the golfer who scores an eagle
    • Fish – Given to the golfer whose ball lands in the water
    • Camel – Given to the golfer whose ball lands in the sand
    • Wolf – Given to the golfer whose ball lands out of bounds – i.e., in the wildernes

5 examples of golf outing games


  • Par three prizes – Offer clubhouse prizes for winners of “closest to the pin” contest. Examples are new shirts, shoes, driver, etc. 
  • Hole-in-one giveaways –  Recruit a large prize for a hole-in-one (e.g., year membership, new car, vacation, etc.).
  • Mulligan Raffles – Raffle off a set of mulligans – i.e., free shots or redos – before the start of the outing. Create mulligan categories  – i.e., drive mulligans, putting mulligans, etc. – or stipulations around how mulligans can be used.

Lastly, and importantly, consider providing golf caddies for the day-of the tournament. This might be especially important if you’re hosting an outing at a course that is not familiar to most players. Having a roster of caddies at-the-ready will ensure the game is played without delay. You can work with the course’s golf professional or caddie master to reserve caddies for the event.

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