Online Fundraising: Make It Easy With RSVPify

How can RSVPify simplify your online fundraising?

Anyone who works in the non-profit, charity, or education realms know that online fundraising is key – your organization’s ability to access funds and support and build networks of donors is essential to the success, reach, and ability to implement your plans. More so than ever, nonprofits continue to face significant challenges in accessing the resources and funding they need to succeed. Some common challenges usually face any organization looking to raise money:

  • Cultivating a donor list, and maintaining that list for future asks
  • Processing payments quickly and easily
  • Tracking payment information for accounting and reporting purposes
  • Organizing fundraising events, along with the usual headaches of event planning

Fortunately, technology today has made online fundraising easier than ever. RSVPify is pleased to offer a suite of tools that will ease your planning, reduce your stress, and maximize the donations for your organization. Here are four key features of RSVPify’s online fundraising platform that can make your next event a success.

1. Sell Tickets Online to Your Fundraiser or Collect Donations Online

Fundraisers take on a number of different forms. Your organization may work with a partner to collect ticket sales from a special event. You may host a gala or dinner that asks for a suggested donation. You may simply be collecting funds through a drive. Regardless of the format, RSVPify can help. With RSVPify’s free online ticketing system for fundraising events, you can create an easy method for all of your guests, attendees, or donors to purchase tickets online for your event. Simply looking for donations as part of a free event? RSVPify can help with that too! You can even do both at the same time if needed.

2. Online Invitations, RSVPs, and Guestlist Management

Collecting donations and selling tickets only works if people know about your event. Luckily, RSVPify can help with that too. Whether it’s using creative online invitations, or supplementing paper invitations with a dynamic online RSVP system, RSVPify can help you set up your event and get the word out to your target audience. On top of that, RSVPify’s guest list management features include drag-and-drop seating charts, secondary event creation and organization, and Excel integration. When it comes to event registration for nonprofits, RSVPify can help you get your house in order.

3. Attendee and Donor Communication

Once you have your event set up, the next step is making sure your guests know what to expect. Once again, RSVPify can help! With the ability to blast emails to your entire guest list, or just to those attending the primary and/or secondary events you are planning, you can contact your donors and attendees with a few clicks of the mouse. RSVPify also doubles as an event check in app, which means you can even track attendance on the big day by sending out custom QR codes to all of your attendees to scan them in to the event itself.

4. Information Recording, Importing, and Exporting

Last but not least, keeping track of donations and donors for accounting and reporting purposes is a critical need for any fundraiser. Aside from this, keeping donor contact information for future outreach and asks can put your organization’s fundraising into overdrive. RSVPify not only stores guest contact information, but provides Excel integration. This means you can import attendee info from an existing spreadsheet. Or, you can export information after the event for future reference. Make the most of your event this way!

Online Fundraising with RSVPify - Infographic - How can RSVPify help with online fundraising? -Collect donations and sell tickets online-manage invites, RSVPs, and guest lists-communicate with attendees-record and export information and ticket sales



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