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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Bar Mitzvah RSVP

Considering they are one of the more traditional occasions in the litany that require creating RSVPs and managing a guest list, it’s no surprise that many families struggle with just how to create an online bar mitzvah RSVP that suits their planning. With the increasing movement to digital RSVPs over the past few years, another layer has been added to this process that may confuse folks (especially those who are still a little web-wary) considering handling their event management and guest list responsibilities online. We decided to compile one of our patented quick-hitter tip lists to help you navigate the worrisome but easy world of creating an online RSVP for your upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah:

1. Leave plenty of time to create your online bar mitzvah RSVP

Since you want to ensure that all of your close friends and family can partake in your family’s special occasion, generally you want to begin the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process as soon as you’ve decided on a concrete date for the ceremony and reception. As with anything in the planning process, the more leeway you can give yourself for compiling a guest list and notifying the guests (as well as the painstaking process of waiting for responses, which can take quite a bit longer than you might expect) the less you’ll have to worry when planning the rest of your event. We’d recommend giving yourself at least a 4-5 month advance window before the event to create your invitations and get them out to guests, as it can take a few months before you have close to a final tally and you’ll want this info when deciding the location, catering, party gifts, etc.

2. Think about all the info you’ll need

Since most Bar or Bat Mitzvahs combine a full-size reception with the ceremony itself, consider all of the pertinent info you’ll need from your guests. Will they all be invited to the reception, or will there be multiple smaller events for different groups? Will transportation be provided for friends of the proud son or daughter, and will you be providing it for everyone? Food requirements? Lodging? The more info you can gather from your guests at this earlier stage in the planning process, the less you’ll have to scramble to find out more later.

3. Traditional or Contemporary?

While the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony itself is almost always going to be a formal and traditional occasion, your RSVP doesn’t necessarily need to reflect this if that’s the preference of your family. Considering the growing trend of “themes” for these big days, you might consider designing your online RSVP to reflect the event theme itself. Or, if you’d rather remain old-fashioned, choose a clean, formal design that communicates the necessary information while retaining the elegant and traditional tone deserving of such a time-worn tradition.

4. Should I Just Stick With Paper?

The choice between paper RSVPs and invitations and the growing online bar mitzvah RSVP trend is usually simple – your family should decide on whether your event is planned to be a more reserved or formal occasion, or whether you’d like to communicate a more relaxed and festive atmosphere to celebrate this momentous achievement in your son or daughter’s life and journey to adulthood. Paper invitations certainly allow you to maintain a more traditional or formal tone – but the attached delays and hazards of old-fashioned snail mail are also a factor here. An online Bar Mitzvah RSVP certainly allows for convenience – but if a large number of your friends or family are tech-averse, this may end up creating more headaches for you as well. Consider the guest list while making your choice, as well as your family’s preferences for the formality of the occasion.

5. Choose Something That Makes YOUR FAMILY Happy

There’s always a lot of advice and input given (welcome or not) when a family embarks on planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your RSVP should be an extension of your event – which should be a vision of what your family desires to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Casual or formal, reserved or loud, modern or traditional, your Bar or Bat Mitzvah RSVP should fit a broader theme that shows your friends and family how you’d like to celebrate this special day.


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