Step 1

Direct your guests to RSVPify from your paper or online invitations or embed the RSVPify form seamlessly on your website.

Works with any invitation

Send traditional paper invitations or online invitations with your RSVPify event URL, embed our form on your website, or use our built-in digital invitation tools to invite guests to your child's B'nai Mitzvah.

Step 2

Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah guests visit your online RSVP website and complete your customized online RSVP in minutes.

Powerful customization options

Whether its for your friends or your child's classmates, RSVPify gives you the ability to collect all the info you'll need to ensure the B'nai Mitzvah goes as smooth as possible!

Step 3

Real time tracking of who is coming to ALL of the various Bar or Bat Mitzvah events - the Kiddush, the ceremony, the brunch, and of course, the party!

All your RSVP details are in one dashboard.

Know how many guests are coming to all of your events — their meal preferences, counts of children vs. adults, transportation needs, etc. - all in real time!

Save time. Save money. Save the planet.

Free, Innovative Online RSVP & Event Management Tools To Help You Win Bar or Bat Mitzvah Planning

  • Fully-customizable Bar Mitzvah RSVP
  • Embed on Your Website or Use Ours
  • +1’s & Guest List Management
  • Meal Preferences
  • Secondary Events
  • Custom Questions
  • Drag-and-Drop Seating Charts
  • Email Notifications
  • Digital Invitations (optional)
  • and so much more!


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Secondary events allow your guests to RSVP to everything at the same time

Secondary Events

RSVPify is the only online B’nai Mitzvah website that let’s you accept RSVPs for multiple events (with distinct guest lists!) and collect event-specific details — all at the same time. RSVPify’s patent-pending tool let’s you ask select subsets of your guest list to RSVP to sub-events like your ceremony, kiddush, special dinner, or brunch. No extra invitations, no phone calls, no hassle.

RSVPify will queue up guests who have accepted your RSVP for easy drag-and-drop seating charts

Drag-and-Drop Seating Charts

Creating a seating chart is no longer a headache. We’ll automatically queue up your accepts so you can drag and drop them to the table of your choice. Quickly make changes until you’ve reached seating chart perfection. Dare we say it’s…”fun?”

At-a-glance dashboards show which parties you've heard from and who you need to reach out to. Allow only listed guests to RSVP or open your event to the world.

Guest List Tracking

Ensure only invited guests can RSVP (optional). Choose who gets a +1. Track your guests as they RSVP. Know whom you’ve heard from, who’s coming and who might need a little nudge. No more paper checklists or cumbersome spreadsheets. Access RSVPify from anywhere. Everything is just one click away.

Add custom questions to your RSVP form, easy imports and exports, embed your RSVP on another website

Embeds & Much More…

Embed your online Bar Mitzvah RSVP into your own website. Collect meal preferences. Get all the details from your guests with custom questions. Secure your RSVP with an easy passcode or set a unique password to identify each party. Quickly export your data to a spreadsheet for easy sharing with family or caterers. How is your paper RSVP measuring up?

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RSVPify can help you simplify planning your son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

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