10 Ways To Max Out Your Free Online RSVP Experience

It’s been awhile since we focused on some of the coolest features available to you, a newly (or returning) free online RSVP aficionado. No matter your event focus – corporate get together, the ever-popular wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or anything and everything in between, utilizing all of the features available to you is the best way to create the perfect mood for your event. Or, probably more preferable, using the full array of digital RSVP features can help make your life as an event manager or host much, much easier. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight 10 unique ways to help improve your online RSVP experience, both for yourselves and for your guests:

1. Collect RSVPs for multiple events, simultaneously – Face it, few events are ever really standalone affairs. More often than not, you’ll be trying to plan multiple events, big and small, at once. With secondary events, you can collect RSVPs for various events simultaneously, as well as customize guest lists for each. It’s an easy way to avoid losing info, or the various awkward situations that might arise.

2. Customized questions for customized info – The ability to edit your digital RSVP specifically for your event brings with it something else too – custom forms and custom questions for the details you need. Use our custom questions feature to target things you won’t want to have to figure out later (or, gasp, the day of!)

3. Guest list means less unwanted guests – Another function of the new-age free online RSVP is the guest list feature. Want to keep your event exclusive? Well, especially if you are getting married, and don’t want those old college flames showing up, you probably do. RSVPify’s online event security features help you avoid that situation.

4. Food orders, place your orders! – Custom forms ALSO mean the ability to collect guest food preferences and info ahead of time too – no need to make your caterer wait or slip someone an allergic entrée anymore.

5. Mass messaging – One of the most popular aspects of the online wedding RSVP (or any event) has become the enhanced guest communication tools. Some sites even often the ability to create specific messaging listservs to reach certain groups. Why make 100 phone calls when you can tap away on your keys and contact everyone at once?

6. Put away the legal pads – No more drawing pages and pages of possible seating charts, scratching out names and adding them as guests RSVP. RSVPify’s online seating chart maker lets you keep a dynamic, flexible chart that cuts down on the hassle. Check out RSVPify’s mobile app to create and update your seating chart with our drag-n-drop feature.

7. Custom Messaging, The Sequel – Welcome messages, confirmation pages – they seem boring and common right? But, for your digital RSVP, you can use them for inside jokes, friendly welcomes, or just to send a message that isn’t your standard generic wedding RSVP wording.

8. Custom Buttons For Custom Features – Want a quick shortcut to provide directions for guests? An easy link for your registry, so you can actually get the gifts you want? Want to set up ticketing? The online RSVP options only continue to grow…..

9. Spreadsheets for Easy Info Management – Hey, the web is all about sharing data and making it easier right? Export features to create Excel spreadsheets with all your important wedding information just seemed like the next natural step to an easier event planning process.

10. Have fun! – Fine, so no one realllllllly wants to deal with their event RSVP process, right? That said, with all of the customization options available as online RSVPs continue to evolve, why not have a little fun with it while you’re at it?


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