Case Studies: HOPE International Development Agency

In the vibrant world of nonprofits, where grants and donations serve as the lifeblood of organizations, fundraising isn’t just the responsibility of the development or advancement team —it’s a collective effort of the board, other key stakeholders, and nonprofit staff. Unlike the more segmented fundraising efforts, like the annual campaign or major gift asks, nonprofit events serve as the singular place where fundraising responsibilities converge.


Here, executive leadership, board members, and the event host committee cultivate, solicit, and steward support. Programming staff volunteer and share their experiences. Marketing and communications teams align to showcase the organization’s mission. And the development team coordinates all for the ultimate goal of raising funds and awareness of the organization’s mission. Amidst the whirlwind of event logistics, from venue selection to program planning, one critical aspect stands out: coordinating event registration. This is precisely where RSVPify steps in, providing a reliable solution that streamlines the intricate event planning process, allowing nonprofits to focus their energy on what truly matters—raising vital funds and fostering community support.


With that in mind, RSVPify sat down with Taylor Kelly of HOPE International Development Agency, a leading anti-poverty nonprofit organization, to learn more about how HOPE leveraged our software to make nonprofit event planning easier.

About HOPE International Development Agency


HOPE’s Mission: “Compelled by compassion and the inherent worth and potential of every person, HOPE International Development Agency is a collective of entrepreneurial and dedicated people who are responsive to the realities of overlooked families living in extreme poverty.”


Where HOPE works: See where HOPE’s initiatives alleviating poverty around the world here


HOPE’s Impact: Learn more about the measurable impact of HOPE’s initiatives.

Challenges HOPE faced before partnering with RSVPify

So how did HOPE and RSVPify end up planning events together? Here’s what Taylor had to say:


  • “We do fundraising dinners around Canada, and when we were planning events with large guest lists, we had to track very meticulous details about each person coming. Dietary restrictions, seating preferences, and we needed to be able to contact people to send them their tickets or send info about the event. And (before RSVPify), that became very tedious.”
  • We wanted to find a tool that we could customize, to look and feel like HOPE”
  • “These dinners were very important for nonprofit organizations like HOPE. They play a vital role in advancing our goals as an organization. They obviously provide financial support to the organization through our donors. And they’re a significant source of income. It also creates community engagement with our donors and with new people wanting to look into the nonprofit world and get a sense for what it’s like. It allows them to see the work that we do.”
  • “Before this, we were doing it all by hand. And it was tedious and time-consuming”

How RSVPify Helped

Once HOPE knew they wanted nonprofit event management software to solve some of these pain points, they found RSVPify. Here are some of the solutions RSVPify offered that appealed specifically to HOPE:


On RSVPify’s event registration tools

  • “I found the tags tool very helpful. It allowed us to tag people to set a host at a specific table, so guests can be easily checked in and we can see attendees are at the same table even if they don’t arrive together”
  • “The link to register was super helpful”
  • “Some people have a difficult time using technology. But we were seriously like, just click. It’s super easy, which was really nice
  • “Guests might say oh, I don’t want to register online. I’m like, no problem I’ll register for you! And they see how easy it is and they are like, nevermind I’ve got it”

Using RSVPify’s custom questions to collect information from attendees

  • The ability to collect dietary restrictions was important. Letting us be able to customize (our registration form) and let guests submit preferences and I could easily see those preferences was really helpful”

RSVPify’s data control and reporting tools

  • We can export and copy all guest emails and send one huge email from our profile, which was really nice for reminders or additional information. I could sort it A to Z, write notes under a guest’s registration, which makes creating our seating chart easier

Using RSVPify to plan their event

  • “It has significantly saved us time focusing on executing the event rather than having to work extra hours just trying to get the guest list organized. And it was an easy tool to use as well, which we appreciated”

Partner with RSVPify for your event

Are you looking to save countless hours on nonprofit event planning like HOPE? Have questions about how RSVPify can partner with your organization to provide a custom suite of event planning tools designed for streamlining your upcoming fundraisers, networking, or donor relations events? Let’s get started:


  • You can contact our Sales team here to book a demo and learn more about features, pricing tiers, and features specifically designed for nonprofit events.
  • Check out some of our custom nonprofit event templates (link added once template page is live), designed to make event setup easy and quick. You can tailor your nonprofit event template to feature your own branding, edit details, and much more.

RSVPify is proud to partner with hundreds of nonprofit organizations from around the world, to help these organizations continue the vital work that they do and spend less time on the mundane duties of event planning. We’re excited to meet you and help tailor a solution to fit your organization.


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