What to Look for When Choosing a Guest List Management Application

As more and more event planners and companies begin to move their events and invitations online, the need for the perfect guest list management app becomes more and more apparent every day. While a plethora of sites exist and new ones are seemingly popping up each day, the trick for any event planner or guest list manager is to find an event management platform that provides both efficiency and a comprehensive suite of options and features. As you begin to search the web for ideal guest list management tools for your own company and/or your event, we’ve gathered a list of four key things to look for when evaluating which guest list management app is right for you:

1. Customization

The expectations of event planners are ever increasing. Feature / functionality that used to delight planners (e.g. the ability to custom design AND program their own invitation form and RSVP service) have now become table-stakes in this industry. While some free event management sites offer only standard forms and limited design features, the best guest management tools allow event managers to have complete control over every element inherent in your online invitations and RSVP form, including:

  • Question wording
  • Headers / footers
  • Margin text
  • Fonts
  • Color schemes
  • Layouts / bordering

Don’t settle for the basic elements – the more control you can wield, the more you can tailor your guest list management app to your specific needs.

2. Efficiency

We could argue that this should be #1 on the list, because honestly, the choice to move to an online event management platform is most likely driven almost entirely by the efficiency of digital tools today. With this in mind, efficiency is controlled by several components. Sites with bad load and lag times, glitchy features (often when considering a low-cost app), and the inability to work with multiple platforms (desktop and digital, Apple and Android, etc) are going to cause you more headaches than they are worth. Make sure you choose a event management platform that allows you to sidestep these issues and get the efficient service you are truly looking for.

3. Sleek Design

While we mentioned design a bit above, it’s worth breaking out into its own section because this is another primary driver for the increasing number of event planners using a guest list management app. While most services will provide at least basic custom design features, some of the more impressive guest management tools will allow for dynamic forms and invitations, including image and video embedding and more interactive options. Take the easy opportunity to wow your guests with a slick invitation and RSVP process, without much extra work on your part!

4. Value

This probably seems self-explanatory, but be picky when sorting through your online guest list management options. While a number of sites and apps exist to provide you basic event management needs, make sure to consider the information you’ll need, the type of event you are planning, and what your clientele will expect/need when choosing to part with those extra few bucks. Aside from making your life easier as an event planner, the goal should also be to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, and that your guest management process is as streamlined and effective as possible. Make sure to browse various sites’ options and consider which one provides the best suite of event management tools for your specific need. Perhaps above all else, make sure you choose a provider that is investing in improving its product and releasing new guest list management tools every few months as this is a key signal for their commitment to the space and to ensuring you’ll continue to have to the latest and greatest online event management tools.


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