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5 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

While the peak portion of wedding season is winding down as the leaves fall around us and the first snowflakes start to fly, more and more couples are choosing to go with a winter wedding. While the winter offers a variety of challenges/hazards for throwing your special occasion (travel from across the country? Yikes!), there’s a serious slew of benefits for choosing to go with a cold-weather celebration and flaunting tradition.

Need a few more reasons before you consider going with a snow-filled soiree? We found five good ones for ya:

The Scenery – Sure, it’s cold, and sure, it makes flying relatives from across the country into town a nightmare. But snow is nothing if not pretty, and can make for some fabulous wedding pics if the weather cooperates (or if you don’t live in Florida). It’s basically taking the same thing that makes for great Christmastime photos and applying it to your event!

The Variety – If you decide to go with a fall or winter occasion, you can certainly put a spin on the traditional wedding offerings and decorations. From the apparel for the bridal party (one wedding we saw in our browsing featured five groomsmen with matching furry hats, standing in the snow) to the location you choose (the mountains are even prettier in the snow!), the opportunity to spice up your occasion and make it different from the usual summer event is part of the fun, right?

The Food – With different weather conditions comes different choices for appetizers, beverages, dessert, and the like. From caramel apple bars to hot chocolate service, the fall and winter months offer a wide variety of hearty options and fan favorites that can make your catering choices way easier.

The Schedule – With the various fall holidays and favorable school schedule, sometimes getting people into town for an event toward the end of the year can be way more accommodating (and way more friendly to your guests’ schedule) than a summer soiree. Also, instead of battling availability with hundreds of other couples for for your favorite spot, you’ve got a way better pick for dates.

The Cost – We saved the most obvious reason for last because, well, it’s obvious. With venues looking to fill open dates in the off season, the cost for renting even the best of spaces drops precipitously. Instead of shelling out peak dollars and cutting your budget short on all the other stuff you’d rather blow it on, you can pay a discount for a great location and have the event you want in the space you want.

Whether it’s because of your budget or because of the scenery, a winter wedding is simply starting to make sense for many more couples. The web is full of dozens of great sites for other season-specific ideas, including pine cone decorations, mistletoe mantles, S’mores stations, and many more. So why not give a winter wedding the once over? It might be just the ticket for that special occasion you’ve dreamed of.


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