Wedding RSVP Templates

Create an Elegant Online Wedding RSVP: Wedding RSVP Templates

Whether you’re collecting paper or online RSVPs, you’re going to want to get the wording right. Be sure to check out our recommendations for how to word your wedding RSVP card if you haven’t yet. Check out a few sample wedding RSVP templates that some of our couples have created using our RSVP builder.

Personalize your wedding RSVP Template

Be sure to make your wedding RSVP your own. Upload images from your engagement photos (if you have them!) or use a free, easy to use design program to create an elegant graphic with your initials.

Don’t forget the Details…

Note how the wedding RSVP templates shown here (feel free to click and preview them!) often include key details for your guests to reference. While you may know the date, time, and place… your guests are forgetful and you’re not going to want them pestering you!


Do you have a color theme for your wedding or sending paper invitations? Take the time and go the extra mile to customize your RSVP form to coordinate. Use colors from theme or even upload an image of your paper invitation as your background!

Create A Free Online RSVP

Create beautiful, free digital RSVP forms which you can customize and pair with your paper invitations. Keep scrolling to see our custom design tutorials on how to leverage these wedding RSVP templates!

Custom Design Tutorial:

Make these Wedding RSVP Templates Your Own!

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