2019 Wedding Trends: Online RSVPs

Four Reasons the Online RSVP Will Rule The New Year

Just a few years ago, the idea of an online wedding RSVP caused many to shake their heads. Some thought they would be tacky. Others thought they were not traditional. Couples were afraid to change something that had long been a traditional wedding planning process.

Fast forward to 2019, and the online wedding RSVP is no longer just a trendy idea. Countless couples have opted to move their wedding RSVP process online. The variety of benefits, options for customization, and conveniences of an online wedding RSVP have overwhelmed even the most strident traditionalist.

Online RSVPs and event registration with RSVPify

Not convinced yet? We’ve collected four of our favorite reasons why we feel comfortable making a bold prediction – that 2019 will be the year where a majority of couples will choose an online RSVP for their wedding planning.

Save Money, Save Paper, Save Time

Like everything else digital, mobility and making information easier to access is the primary benefit of an online RSVP. With all of your guest information collected via email, you can now plan your wedding and access guest info whenever and wherever you need it. Have your caterer bothering you for a set number? No need to search through legal pads or folders to find it. You can even forward your guest information right from your iPhone.

Customization and Creativity

While traditional paper RSVPs required picking out designs, choosing your layout, and then hoping the print version matched your wishes, online wedding RSVPs allow you to tinker with your design until you have the layout and information you are sure you need. One of the most important aspects of a wedding RSVP is collecting key guest data and facilitating guest communications. With an online RSVP, you can edit and design to perfection. This means you won’t miss out on an important detail you need to make the wedding planning process as smooth as can be. A few of our favorite new trends in online RSVP customization:

  • Surprise and delight your guests with a custom message, photo, or video included just for them after they submit their RSVP
  • Use custom QR codes to check guests in to your event, to let your vendors or wedding planner know who’s arrived
  • Incorporate multimedia tools like videos or even memes (for your millennial friends) into the RSVP itself
Hand holding paper wedding invitation directing guests to online rsvp

Even Grandma Can RSVP Online

While even a few years ago, many people were still avoiding technology, the times have changed in 2019. With nearly everyone in the country accessing the Internet, owning a smartphone, or at least relying on email, concerns about confusing your tech-averse relatives are not what they used to be. Most online RSVP tools allow for a streamlined process – open an email, click a link, fill out a form, and you are all set! With a custom online RSVP, even Grandma can figure it out.

Oh The Features You’ll Have!

Last but certainly not least, there are countless benefits to using an online RSVP. Here’s just a taste of the features that come with an online wedding RSVP:

  • Digital seating chart maker – once you collect guest info, use drag-and-drop seating charts to perfect the layout for your reception
  • Mass email/messaging – communicate with your entire guest list at the same time to send out important details and announcements
  • Meal preferences – make planning easier by collecting all guest meal preferences digitally
  • Excel integration – import guest info directly from an Excel spreadsheet, or download your collected to info to share with your vendors or wedding planner
  • Custom questions – need other important info from your guests? Add custom questions to find out whatever you need to
  • Secondary events – rehearsal dinner or Saturday brunch? You can even sort your guest list and send out invites to these other events
  • Online invitations – that are seamless integrated with the online rsvp experience and are consistent with your traditional paper invitations.
woman sitting at desk submitting online rsvp for wedding

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