Celebrate a life worth remembering
RSVPify offers the event software tools to help

Custom Questions

Use your celebration of life RSVP form to include custom questions to collect memories, stories, images, or video clips of the honoree.

Elegant Celebration of Life Invitations

Choose from a variety of formal celebration of life templates, or upload your own celebration of life invitation to create an online invitation that captures the essence of the event for your guests.

Communicate With Guests

Create a customizable event website to share all relevant details or memories of the honoree with your guests. Easily communicate with your guest list to update them on details or logistics with a click.


Manage your celebration of life event with minimal effort

Group Parties For Easy RSVP'ing

Put household members such as families or couples into one group. Any group member can respond to the online RSVP for the entire party.

Manage (and Limit) Plus Ones

You have full control over who can and can’t bring a guest. Collect information from those bringing a plus 1 (like their names!).

Import Your Guest List

Upload your spreadsheet to RSVPify to quickly add all of your invited guests and make your celebration of life planning simple.


Privacy is at our core.

Other event management platforms monetize your data and that of your guests.
RSVPify is the market leader in private events, and we respect your event’s privacy at every turn.

Event planning tools to help you create cherished memories

Features designed to make planning a celebration of life hassle-free

Celebration of life invitations made simple

Send Save the Dates, Invites & Reminders

Remove any stress about ensuring attendees have the right information with easy save the date, invitation, and reminder tools.

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Completely customize your online invitation or online RSVP

Collect Custom Data, Meal Preferences, or Memories

Ask guests for meal preferences or allow them to submit stories or testimonials about the honoree via custom questions in your event registration form.

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QR codes for paper invites make RSVPing simple

Easily Upload Your Invitation Design

Upload your own celebration of life invitation design to send to your guest list with a few clicks.

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Email invitations

Send email invitations

Online registration and RSVP

Online registration and RSVP software

Custom data collection

Collect data from events easily

Guest list management

Guest list management made simple

Menu preferences

Create menu options easily

Sub-event management

Create sub-events and limit attendance

Event privacy/exclusivity

Create exclusive events

Drag-and-drop seating charts

Drag-and-drop seating chart creator tools


Industry-leading event check-in software

Answers to Your Celebration of Life Planning Questions

Can I create an event website for my celebration of life event?

Absolutely. RSVPify allows you to create a simple and elegant event website that you can fully personalize for your event. Share all relevant details, upload images or videos of the honoree, and keep guests informed in one place.

Can I upload my own celebration of life invitation design?

Yes. If you already have a celebration of life invite designed, you can upload it with a click to use you own design for the event.

Can I create my seating chart or collect menu preferences with RSVPify?

You can collect any information you need by including custom questions on your registration or online RSVP form. You can also use RSVPify's drag-and-drop seating chart maker to organize your seating in advance and print your seating chart for the venue or vendor.