Planning a quinceañera party?
RSVPify makes quinceañera invites and party planning easy.

Customizable Event Website

Select from several customizable quinceañera templates to get started in minutes. Customize your template to reflect your party theme. Share all the important details (e.g., time, location, gift list) and announcements with guests. 

Smart RSVP Tracking

Use online RSVPs to get a headcount for your event without all the emails and hassle. Collect all the data you need in an easy-to-use quinceañera RSVP template with custom questions. 

Bilingual Features

Create customized email communications to let your guests know important info, changes, or updates about the party with ease. Select form languages to reflect your audience and easily communicate details in English, Spanish, and more.


Handy quinceañera guest list tools to track attendance, message your guests, and plan your party

Group Parties For Easy RSVP'ing

Put household members such as families or couples into one group. Any group member can respond to the online RSVP for the entire party.

Manage (and Limit) Plus Ones

You have full control over who can and can’t bring a guest. Collect information from those bringing a plus 1 (like their names!).

Import Your Guest List

Upload your spreadsheet to RSVPify to quickly add all of your invited guests and easily manage your quinceañera guest list. 

Everything you need in a quinceañera website

A powerful feature suite, tailored to make quince planning simple.

Quince invitations for the big day

Send Save the Dates, Invites & Reminders

Create personalized quince invites and communications for your event. Automatically send email confirmations and event reminders.

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Completely customize your online invitation or online RSVP

Collect Custom Data & Meal Preferences

Ask guests for whatever details you need to make quinceañera planning easier.

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QR codes for paper invites make RSVPing simple

Easily Upload Your Invitation Design

Easily upload your quinceañera invitation design to customize further or send to your guests.

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Privacy is at our core.

Other event management platforms monetize your data and that of your guests.
RSVPify is the market leader in private events, and we respect your event’s privacy at every turn.

Email invitations

Online registration and RSVP

Custom data collection

Guest list management

Menu preferences

Sub-event management

Event privacy/exclusivity

Drag-and-drop seating charts


Answers to Your Quinceañera Planning Questions

How does RSVPify work for quinceañera planning?

RSVPify is a user-friendly platform that simplifies quinceañera planning. You can create a custom quinceañera website, send out digital quince invitations, and track guest responses in real-time. With RSVPify, you can effortlessly manage every step of the quinceañera planning process.

Can I design a custom quinceañera invitation with RSVPify?

Absolutely! With RSVPify, you have complete control over the design and branding of your quinceañera invitations and website. Choose from a wide range of templates or create a personalized design that matches your event's theme.

Can I incorporate my quince theme or upload my own quince invitation?

Absolutely! Customization and personalization are the name of the game with RSVPify. You can add images, fonts, and more to design your quinceañera website or upload your own quinceañera invitation design in seconds.