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Event management with ease. From invite, to RSVP, to showtime.

Start from a ready-made template, and customize your event website and registration or RSVP experience from end-to-end. Track event invitees from invitation with RSVP link to registration to check-in.

Event management centered on your brand
Use custom questions for easier guestlist management

Create brilliantly customizable event registration and online RSVP forms.

From themes to layout, custom questions to secondary events, online payments to online invitations, RSVPify gives you complete control over your entire event registration and RSVP form.

Go live in minutes with bespoke event website templates.

RSVPify’s turnkey platform takes the guess work out of event planning and guest list management. Wow guests with an on-brand, highly-customizable RSVP website and RSVP experience.

Sub-event planning made easy with RSVPify

Keep the spotlight on your event and brand.

Other event management platforms inundate your guests with paid advertising and alternative branding. With RSVPify, create an on-brand event experience that will wow guests.

Collect donations with RSVPify
Enterprise-grade event website design

The tools you need to streamline event planning and wow guests.

Email Invitations

Secondary Events & Multiple Sessions

Private Event Security

Custom Data Collection

Meal Preferences

Seating Chart Maker

Dashboards & Exports

And much more...


Privacy is at our core.

Other event management platforms monetize your data and that of your guests. RSVPify is the market leader in private events and RSVPs, and we respect your event’s privacy at every turn.

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Sleek event websites and RSVP. On any device.

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