Why should I use a QR code on my flyers?

Should I use a QR code on my flyers?

In today’s digital age, marketing strategies have evolved significantly, incorporating various innovative techniques. Some of the more recognizable techniques include social media hashtag integrations to build viral momentum around a brand, AR and VR technologies to accent features or experiences, the role of influencers in promoting brands and events, and of course, QR codes.


QR codes (Quick Response codes) are matrix barcodes that can be scanned by smartphones, allowing users to quickly access information or content. While QR code technology has been around for years, the COVID-19 pandemic led to an explosion in use, as QR codes offered a contactless method for sharing restaurant menus, info about hours on the window of a business, vaccine information, and much more. Now, QR codes have become ubiquitous, and as the majority of the population now uses smartphones, their benefits are becoming even more widespread for individuals and businesses.


If you are planning to promote an event, organization, giveaway, or anything else via digital or paper flyers, integrating a QR code on your flyers is a low-hassle way to increase engagement and see greater success. Should I use a QR code on my flyers? Let’s take a look at five key considerations when designing your next promotion before you start posting or sharing those flyers.

Should I use a QR code on my flyers? Things to consider


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