Summarizing the debate around how to design a registration form

Simple or complex? The event planner debate around how to design a registration form in 2024

Handling event registration remains one of the most talked-about topics among event planners. Plenty of ink has been spilled on the continuing trend toward late registration from attendees and sponsors alike. The landscape of event software providers offering differing capabilities

Vaccine scheduling with RSVPify appointment scheduling tools

Interview with Emily Anderson: Using RSVPify for Vaccine Scheduling

It’s easy to forget how hectic the COVID-19 vaccine rollout was for public health officials. Scheduling appointments and follow-ups, coordinating vaccine center logistics, communicating with staff and attendees – officials like Chaffee County’s Emily Anderson had to move mountains! We

Learn how to set up online registration for an event

How to set up online registration for an event – Event Planning 101

Not everyone is an event pro. In fact, most of us have careers, families, and more important things to focus on in our lives than event planning. But events are part of everyone’s life, and everyone will have to be

As late event registration becomes a major trend in 2023, what do event planners need to do to adjust their event experiences?

Event registration trends: the rise of last minute attendees

As the events industry continues to experience a significant bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that not everything is coming back easily. For some companies, it’s navigating the rapid surge back to in-person events after spending significant

Why should I use a QR code on my flyers?

Should I use a QR code on my flyers?

In today’s digital age, marketing strategies have evolved significantly, incorporating various innovative techniques. Some of the more recognizable techniques include social media hashtag integrations to build viral momentum around a brand, AR and VR technologies to accent features or experiences,

Will you need an ‘immunity card’ to attend events in 2021?

Having to prove that you’ve been vaccinated against a devastating global virus in order to get on an airplane or attend a concert may seem like a scene out of a bad B-list movie. In our unfortunate reality, as COVID-19

Nonprofit Event Planning: 6 Steps to Ensure a Successful Event

Planning events both large and small can be stressful, that’s why RSVPify was created in the first place! The unique thing about non-profit event planning, even large fundraiser events selling tickets) is that many times a volunteer is put in

Event Registration System Options: Legal Considerations

Legal Considerations for Event Registration Systems As more organizations begin to use online event registration systems for events, a potential headache in the legal area remains. Whether nonprofit or not, organizations are confronting a new area of legal considerations when

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