Tips for making an RSVP card template

While there is no shortage of event management software to choose from these days, one universal need for most event planners is the ability to collect online RSVPs easily and seamlessly. This process can be made even easier with an RSVP card template, which allows you to customize a pre-designed RSVP template for any event type to create a compelling and effective method for your guests to let you know if they will attend.

However, while plenty of free RSVP templates exist, the trick is making sure you customize and personalize your template to your event and include all of the key details, instead of simply settling for an as-is design. To make sure you use your RSVP card template effectively, here are the five key steps to creating your own RSVP template in one handy list.

How to create an RSVP card template in five steps


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