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Bat Mitzvah RSVP Trends and New Online Event Planning Features

Going Digital With Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Plans

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning process stands equal to weddings in terms of time commitment, general stress, and joyful payoff, as any family who has participated in the past can tell you. In terms of traditional cultural ceremonies, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs have long remained governed by the same rules and requirements that have remained Jewish custom for over five thousand years. However, recently Bar and Bat Mitzvahs have begun receiving the 21st century digital treatment, in several ways. We’ve decided to highlight four new digital trends in Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning – social media, online bat mitzvah RSVP, new forms for Torah studies, and more!

Social Media

While this is invading the wedding process with just as much fervor, the development of event-specific Twitter and Instagram feeds has started to become a highlight at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as well. By posting event-specific hashtags or pages for guests to leave comments or upload their personal photos, families can expand upon the time-honored wedding photographer or comment book with digital records of the special occasion. Not only are these convenient to share with all of your guests, but as anyone can tell you the Bar or Bat Mitzvah itself is a blur of celebration and salutations for the family, which can now be kept permanently to reflect on and enjoy digitally in the future.

Torah Studies 2.0

With the advent of e-readers and now tablets, the movement of texts from the physical to the digital has never been more prevalent. Once upon a time (as this writer recalls quite well), Torah studies were done in personal meetings, relying on recorded tapes of the specific Torah portion. Nowadays, aspiring young celebrants can practice their Torah or Haftarah portions using their smartphones or tablet. Sadly for many soon-to-be young Jewish men and women, they no longer have an excuse for not being able to get their portion down and deliver a rousing reading for their family and friends.

Online Bar Mitzvah RSVP/Bat Mitzvah RSVP

As we know well here, the advent of evites and digital invitations has only continued to expand over the past few years. While such a traditional event can make many planning families hesitant about going too modern, the online bat mitzvah RSVP allows for event planning to become both mobile and seamless. With online bat mitzvah RSVP and guest list management, families can now gather information for their temple, caterer, reception hall, and seating chart all in one easy place to access. Instead of the traditional spiral notebook, now families can make their lives easier with digital guest lists and spend more time focusing on the celebrations and traditions that should be the focus of their attention. We think using an online bat mitzvah RSVP is one of the biggest helps to you as you plan your child’s special day.

Laser Cut Invitations

While an online bat mitzvah RSVP can certainly serve for making event organization easier, invitations are one area that are always of great concern for future Bar or Bat Mitzvah hosts. Fortunately, the advent of sites like Etsy (a sort of specialized eBay for crafts and other special items) allows you to seek out beautiful custom RSVPs that can still maintain the traditional appearance most families desire in their respective invitations.


One of the biggest concerns for many families when choosing to host their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at a specific location usually involves relatives facing health and physical challenges in attending. When once this may involve an excess of planning that can become a constant source of worry for the family, webcasts from apps like Facetime or Google Hangout now allow for family members to attend the ceremony without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. While everyone wishes for all of their friends and family to be present for this exciting occasion, no longer do health problems have to be a source of worry or agitation for both the hosts and the guests.

Whether you are planning to go fully into the digital experience with your upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah plans, or are simply exploring some options to help make the planning process easier, these ideas represent just a few of the new planning methods taking the web by storm. While retaining the traditions and customs of this ancient ceremony is paramount, by utilizing digital methods like the ones above and the many others emerging on the web, families can get back to the most traditional of Bar or Bat Mitzvah practices – taking the time to celebrate this momentous occasion to its fullest with their friends and loved ones.


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