Illustrated RSVP post card with yes, no, maybe response wording

15 Great RSVP Wording Examples For Your Next Event

Your RSVP response wording can help subtly set the tone for your event well before the big day



Event planning involves a lot of etiquette considerations, no matter how formal or informal the occasion. From the design of your online invitations to the dress code, the menu you design to the decor, there are norms and “golden rules” to consider for every aspect of wedding planning. Your RSVP response wording is no different! While more and more event hosts have shifted to using online RSVP formsevent management websites, and other less traditional methods of event planning, your corporate event, reunion, or wedding RSVP wording is still often expected to reflect some traditional elements that long pre-date online event management.



But why should you care about such a small detail when you have so many other things to plan? Why is worth taking a minute to choose the right RSVP response wording? Here are just a few reasons:



  • You can communicate the tone of your event this way. By choosing formal RSVP wording as opposed to more casual RSVP response wording, you can subtly let your guests know what to expect at the event itself.
  • Clear RSVP wording makes it easier to avoid incorrect or mistaken responses, which can lead to unnecessary event planning headaches.
  • You don’t need to worry about putting too much thought into crafting your own RSVP card wording. There are plenty of acceptable and traditional examples for you to borrow as your own.

RSVP Wording Examples


Now that we know why RSVP wording is such an often overlooked but important detail, here are 15 great response card wording examples for you to use as you’d like. We’ve divided them into traditional and more clever/modern categories to give you some options that can fit any event, no matter how formal or informal.

Illustration of envelope with RSVP card displaying traditonal RSVP wording example


Traditional wording choices


  • Accepts with pleasure / Declines with regrets
  • Graciously accepts / Regretfully declines
  • Will attend / Unable to attend
  • Happily accepts / Sadly declines 

Casual/Fun/Modern response card wording


  • Will be there, will not be square / Won’t be there, which means I’m square
  • Let’s do it! / Can’t do it
  • I’d love to! / Wish I could
  • Deal me in! / Count me out
  • Add me to the list / Scratch me off the list
  • Book it! / Rebook it
  • You know it / Wouldn’t you know it
  • I’m adding it to my calendar / Sorry, that date is full
  • Yaaaaaas! / Nooooooo!
  • Let’s party / Party on without me
  • 🙂 / 🙁

Don’t love any of the choices on either list? Well, there’s no reason you can’t draft up an original or unique RSVP response wording choice of your own. Use this list as inspiration, and just make sure that your guests know which option indicates their attendance clearly. Happy event planning!


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