RSVPify's WordPress plugin has been retired in favor of our more modern embed code. You can find this code in the Invite section of your event!

RSVPify WordPress Plugin

Plugin Description

Our WordPress plugin makes it easier than ever for premium RSVPify users to seamlessly embed their RSVP form on their WordPress-powered website or blog.  Simply install the plugin, add your RSVPify event to the plugin’s dashboard, and paste the plugin-generated shortcode [shortcode] in the page or post where you want to display your RSVP form.


  1. Create and customize your event on
  2. Download and install the RSVPify plugin or browse for it in the WordPress plugin directory
  3. Add your RSVPify event to the plugin’s dashboard by pasting your event’s Event ID (
  4. Copy and paste the plugin-generated shortcode [yourevent] into your page or post’s Text Editor where you want the RSVP form to display
  5. Publish your page or post

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my “Event ID" is?
Your event ID is a unique number that identifies your event.   You’ll need it to pull your event into WordPress.  You can grab it by logging into RSVPify, click your event, and copying and pasting the final number in the resulting URL (e.g.

What is a “shortcode"and what does it look like?
In the WordPress world, a “shortcode" is a small snippet of text within brackets that effectively replace the need for long strings of code in your pages or posts — and allow you to easily include features and widgets offered by a plugin that you’ve installed in your pages and posts.

Shortcodes are a small snippet of code within brackets: [myshortcode]


I added the shortcode, but nothing is showing when I publish my page or post. Whyyy?
Is your website SSL-encrypted (using https:// rather than http://)? If so, ensure that you’ve changed the embed settings within your RSVPify dashboard to enable HTTPS. Learn more here.

I see the shortcode on the page, but no RSVP form to speak of?
If you just see the [shortcode] on your page, but nothing is rendering, try to place the shortcode in the “Text" tab (rather than the “Visual" tab of your WordPress WYSIWYG editor.