Why You Should Seriously Consider Throwing The Best Winter Wedding

While the best portion of wedding season is in its winter hibernation, a growing number of happy couples are starting to opt for the tradition-bucking winter wedding season. While outdoor pictures are more of an issue for many of us from November to April (especially here in RSVPify’s home of Chicago! Brrrr), there are a number of reasons that more and more people are picking a winter date for their big day. We decided to put some thought into it and provide our five best reasons to send out those wedding RSVPs with a snowflake theme and make the choice of a winter wedding:

  • The Scenery – Alright, we get it, the snow is cold and the wind is even worse. You’re not going to get that fabulous shot in Times Square with sleet coming down on you either. But a savvy photographer can make the most of a snow-covered scenery, and make your wedding photos fabulous. Some of the best wedding RSVPs we’ve seen have had a featured shot of a couple with a frosted tree or snow-covered forest behind them!
  • The Variety – Everybody gets those tried-and-tested knock-off Raybans and bridal party tank tops by their 3rd or 4th summer wedding, but in the winter you get to mix it up a bit! Winter hats for the groomsmen? Soft scarves for the bridesmaids? While you may be a bit more limited in locations to choose from, there’s a lot of options to get creative with your gifts and theme and have some more fun with planning the big day!
  • The Food –Three words. Hot. Chocolate. Cart. We know, we think it sounds like the best wedding idea ever too. As if that’s not enough, think of all the warm brews and warmer treats that you already use to warm up your winter – why not bring some of that to your special day? From hot mulled cider to pumpkin pies, molten lava chocolate cake to spiked egg-nog, there’s plenty of ways to warm up for the holidays already out there. Why not have some fun with bringing some to your wedding?
  • The Schedule – With the various fall holidays and favorable school schedule, sometimes getting people into town for an event toward the end of the year can be way more accommodating (and way more friendly to your guests’ schedule) than a summer soiree. Also, instead of battling availability with hundreds of other couples for your favorite spot, you’ve got a way better pick for dates.
  • The Cost – We saved the most obvious reason for last because, well, it’s obvious. With venues looking to fill open dates in the off season, the cost for renting even the best wedding spaces drops precipitously. Instead of shelling out peak dollars and cutting your budget short on all the other stuff you’d rather blow it on, you can pay a discount for a great location and have the event you want in the space you want.


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